Job applicants should not be forced to do blood tests for HIV: Rights body

Breaking News July 31, 2014 00:00

The National Human Rights Commission has condemned businesses that require job applicants to be tested for HIV, saying the move is a "clear violation of human rights".

The NHRC said requiring people to take a blood test could adversely affect people who do this, plus their families, both economically and socially. 
The agency was responding to complaints from the many people who say they were asked to undergo a test for HIV before they could be hired. 
The problem is people found to be HIVpositive are often stigmatised and discriminated against, the office said.
It has called on relevant agencies to stop the practice. 
Tairjing Siriphanich, a National Human Rights Commissioner, said there was no reason for businesses to test prospective employees for HIV, as the virus had no affect on how someone performed professionally.
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