Finnish man falls to death from Pattaya condominium

Breaking News March 20, 2014 00:00

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A Finnish man fell from the top floor of an 18-floor condominium in Pattaya to his death in what police believe to be a suicide.

Police said Rusanen Karri Olavei, 52, fell on to the top of the 4-storey car park building of Jomthien Beach Condominium at 7 am.
The man did not stay at the condominium. His Thai girlfriend, Pannee Pongpakmool, 45, told police that the Finnish stayed at R-Con Residence Hotel.
Panne said her boyfriend told her that he would go to the beach but she later heard that he had committed suicide.
Police said Olavei apparently sneaked into the condominium and jumped from the fire exit on the 18th floor.
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