Eight injured in bomb attack in Narathiwat

Breaking News April 24, 2012 00:00

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A bomb went off on Takbai-Taba Road in Narathiwat's Tak Bai district Tuesday afternoon, injuring eight people including a three-year-old boy, civilians and soldiers.


The bomb went off 12.40pm. Police found the wrecked military Jeep and the two-wheel pushcart in which a 7kg bomb in iron box was hidden at the scene. The injured that were immediately rushed to Tak Bai Hospital included two seriously injured Sergeant Major 3rd Class Uthen Kaewwichien and the boy Muhammad Paosa, while six others (three soldiers and three civilians) were slightly injured.
Police investigation found two men on a motorcycle put the bomb onto the pushcart then fled. Later when the soldiers’ jeep passed by, the bomb was detonated by a walkie-talkie. The bomb also hit the civilians on two motorcycles.
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