Deaf Japanese composer admits music written by someone else

Breaking News February 05, 2014 00:00

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Tokyo - A well-known Japanese composer, whose music is due to be used by the nation's Olympic figure-skating team, admitted Wednesday that someone else had written his music for a decade, news reports said.

A lawyer for deaf composer Mamoru Samuragochi said there were "certain circumstances" which had made it difficult for the actual composer to come out in public, and that Samuragochi had therefore described himself as the sole composer, Kyodo News agency reported.
Samuragochi "says it is totally inexcusable and that he deeply regrets" the deception, his lawyer was quoted as saying.
Over a 10-year period his music, including his most famous piece, entitled Hiroshima Symphony, was written by the other composer.
Another piece, Sonatina for Violin, which will accompany a routine by figure skater Daisuke Takahashi at the Sochi Winter Olympics, was also not penned by him, the agency said.
Samuragochi, 50, made his breakthrough with music soundtracks for video games. Hiroshoma Symphony, or Symphony No 1, has been performed at commemoration concerts marking the atomic bombing of the city and was a classical hit in Japan in 2011.

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