Damage from fireball unlikely: astronomer

Breaking News November 02, 2015 21:48

By The Nation

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The fireball is not expected to cause any damage, said astronomer Boonraksa Sunthorntham, director of the Chiang Mai-based National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand.

He told Nation TV that though the meteor was spotted very near Earth (about 100km), there had been no report that it crashed on Earth.
He explained that the meteor should contain iron-nickel metal for it emitted the green light.
The mysterious comet-like object was spotted in Bangkok around 9.45pm.
Here is the link to a video uploaded on YouTube by a user named "Saran Pol": 
On its Facebook page, the Thai Astronomical Society posted: "A bright fireball can be observed in several areas in Thailand. Further information will be reported very soon. In the meantime, you can watch this clip which captured the moment the meteor being burnt through the Earth's atmosphere.


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