Cybercrime on the rise in Malaysia

Breaking News March 01, 2012 00:00

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Kuala Lumpur - Cybercrime in Malaysia rose by 88 per cent in 2011, a government agency said Thursday.


A total of 15,218 cybercrimes were reported last year, up from 8,090 in 2010, said CyberSecurity Malaysia, the government agency in charge of monitoring and preventing online crime.
The majority were online fraud, with 5,328 cases, followed by intrusion or attempted intrusion, with 4,433, and cyber harassment, at 459.
CyberSecurity Malaysia's chief executive Husin Jazri said the increase in cybercrime has become a serious concern amid the growing reliance of Malaysians on the Internet.
It is estimated that more than 17 million of the country's 28 million people use the Internet daily, with Malaysians spending an average of 20 hours online every week.//DPA

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