Court to issue verdict on Sukhumbhand's case in August

Breaking News April 24, 2014 00:00

The Appeals Court Thursday scheduled August 13 to hand down its ruling on charges that Sukhumbhand Paribatra's victory in the Bangkok governor's election should be nullified due to alleged campaign irregularities.

The Election Commission (EC) will order a new election if the court rules against Sukhumbhand, who has relinquished active duty pending the court verdict.
Sanya Chantarat, the governor’s secretary, said prosecution witnesses would testify on May 27 and defence witnesses on June 4 and June 12-13. 
Although this is not a criminal case and does not require Sukhumband’s attendance at every hearing, Sukhumbhand respects the court and would appear at the trial, Sanya said.
The EC in March voted three to two to yellow card Sukhumbhand on grounds that his supporters had indulged in mudslinging against his political rivals.
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