City Airways allowed to resume flights until Thursday

Breaking News February 14, 2016 15:03

By The Nation

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The Civil Aviation Department Sunday allowed City Airways to resume its flight until Thursday to fly all of its stranded passengers and those who have bought tickets.

The department suspended the services of the airline on Saturday, causing it to cancel its flight to Hong Kong and thus affecting its passengers.
Chula Sukmanop, director general of the department, said his department had to suspend the services of the airline because it failed to meet safety standard as its flight crew had to work longer hours than the safety standard.
Chula said the department also found that the City Airways also had management risks because of its “huge amount of debt”.
“But now, the Civil Aviation Department extended the services of the airline to Thursday because there are still passengers who have bought its tickets. It must clear all the passengers during the extended period,” Chula said.
He said the airline’s license would not be revoked for now and the department would hold a meeting of the airline’s representatives with its creditors to hear the airline debt management plan first.
Chula said the airline had been warned several times to improve its safety standard and if it failed to improve the standard, its license would be revoked.

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