Burma's opposition to consider registering as political party

Breaking News November 06, 2011 00:00

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Rangoon - Burma's main opposition group will meet this week to decide whether to re-register as a party after the government amended political legislation, sources said Sunday.


President Thein Sein on Friday endorsed an amendment that would allow the National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, to register as a legal party before an upcoming by-election.
"All amendments in revised political parties' registration law met our requirements," NLD spokesman Nyan Win said. "We will hold a meeting on Tuesday to decide whether NLD would re-register or not, but there is a high possibility for re-registration." 
The amendment was one of several priorities of the international community to gauge the government's sincerity in democratic reform.
Thein Sein has in recent months initiated talks with Suu Kyi and pushed through a series of legislative changes that have raised optimism that the country, long ruled by the military, is inching towards a more democratic system.
Progress under the new government was welcomed by German Minister of State Werner Hoyer who visited Myanmar last week.
"We have a feeling that everything should be done to encourage those who are taking rather bold decisions in order to bring Myanmar back to the international community," Hoyer told dpa in Bangkok. 
"When we're talking about economic cooperation, I think we can do more than we did before and we are ready to do so," Hoyer said, noting that the director-general of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development would probably visit soon.
Hoyer cautioned that the improvements might prove "reversible," and said Western democracies were awaiting more reforms, such as the release of all political prisoners and an assurance that the upcoming by-election was "free and fair." //DPA

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