Board of Trade of Thailand lambastes govt over threat to expose protest funders

Breaking News February 13, 2014 00:00

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The Board of Trade of Thailand Thursday urged the caretaker government to "cease to tarnish the country's business reputation and its integrity" and stop "adding insults to the injuries" that have been plaguing the economy, that can quickly falling into a

In a joint statement, BOT and the Thai Chamber of Commerce says the institutions are “astonished and sorry” that the Thai business community has been improperly targeted as major providers of financial support to the anti-government demonstrators led  by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). 
“Not only has the list been irresponsibly released in the local press unbeknownst to the business community, but it remains unclear whether the names of business and private organisations on the list are officially authenticated. Whether this is done intentionally or not, untold damages have been unfairly inflicted on these persons as well as their business and they have not had the opportunity to defend themselves adequately,”
 the statement said.
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