Banthoon suggests holy water for 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Breaking News August 20, 2014 13:47

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Kasikornbank Chairman and CEO Banthoon Lamsam today supported the Ice Bucket Challenge Thailand, a charitable campaign.

Corporate CEOs and celebrities from Britney Spears to Mark Zuckerberg to Oprah are taking part in the ice bucket challenge, initiated in the US to raise awareness for motor neurone disease or ALS. VDO of several CEOs in Thailand joining the local version of the campaign won huge attention.
In a statement, Banthoon said that the Thai version succeeded in stirring the sensation for charitable causes. 
Yet, he said that ice bucket is too western. For Thailand, the holy water from 9 temples should be used instead, "to promote Thai culture and enhance the auspice". The challengers should be the ones to supply the holy water and to prove that it is truly holy water, candle tears should be floating on it, he added. 
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