All Bangkok districts to be flooded if Klong Sam Wa's sluice gate further opened: deputy governor

Breaking News November 01, 2011 00:00

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Deputy Bangkok Governor Thirachon Manopaipibul said Tuesday that if the sluice gate of Klong Samwa is lifted to be one metre wide as demanded by angry local residents, all Bangkok could be flooded.

Thirachon explained that the further draining of floodwater from Klong Sam Wan Canal into Saen Saeb Canal would cause the floodwater to overflow into roadside dishes and reach the inner Bangkok behind major flood embankments.

“If the government cannot control the protesters and if we are not cool down, the earlier announcement that 20 districts will be safe will have to be reevaluated. The situation will worse and all districts will be flooded,” the deputy governor said.

“We will have to protect the area inside the embankments, that were initiated by His Majesty. If we can drain the water to Tha Chin, Chao Phraya and Bang Pakong, [inner] Bangkok will be safe.”

He said the further opening of sluice gate to one-metre wide would also cause the Bang Chan industrial estate to be flooded.

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