249 youngsters arrested for illegal street racing

Breaking News October 14, 2015 17:49


DESPITE STRICT warnings to parents and youngsters, illegal road-racing still has not stopped in 13 provinces, Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection director-general Wisit Wisitsora-at said Wednesday.

Police arrested 249 suspects and impounded 427 motorcycles, while the parents of 42 offenders were put on probation and 17 parents were found to have allegedly given their children permission to repeat the offence. Of the detained youth, 167 were charged with illegally modifying their motorbikes.
Wisit said the new zoning law, under which new entertainment venues would not be allowed near schools, was in the making and the authorities have 180 days to review the current situation. 
Up to 94 offenders in 25 provinces had been found in recent inspection of entertainment venues, he said, adding that 49 had been ordered to close, 62 had their liquor-selling licence revoked and 12 others were caught with illegal licences. 

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