Riots escalate due to insufficient security in Rakhine city

ASEAN+ June 11, 2012 00:00

By Eleven Media

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Rakhine people are still under the threat from the Rohingyas as security forces are not enough to control the violence, according to the reports.

Local ethnics were injured in the clashes with Bengali mobs who tried to invade the residential wards at 10:30 am this morning.

Regardless of warning shots from security forces, the mobs did not disperse and were seen in groups.

“Bengalis are attempting to set fire to our houses when police forces move to another place. So we have to protect our lives by holding knives and sticks,” said a resident in Sittway.

In some circumstances, Rohingyas burned their homes themselves and fled by boats.

“The threat of Rohingyas cannot be totally controlled until now. They are attacking the villages. As soon as the security forces move to another place, the rioters stepped forward for attack,” said a local resident in Sittway.

Authorities have imposed curfew this afternoon in some Arakanese towns to control the violence.Nevertheless, any report has not come out yet whether Bengalis were injured by the security forces.

Local Rakhine people criticize that the members of security force are not sufficient to prevent from the attacks of Rohigyas, and suggested to suppress the rioters effectively.

Rescue camps are now packed with increasing number of Rakhine ethnics and some of them are fleeing from their homes to other secure places.


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