Myanmar shortens service life of commercial aircraft

ASEAN+ June 06, 2012 00:00

By Eleven Media

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Myanmar's aviation authority shortened life of commercial aircraft in service to upgrade the country's airline standard.


From May 16, 2012 all commercial aircraft could be in service only for 20 years after manufacturing date and it could have frequency of only 50,000 take-off and landing times.  
“For example, if any airliner buys a used airplane that has already been used for 10 years, it could be used in Myanmar for another ten years,” an official at aviation authority said. 
If an aircraft takes off and lands 50,000 times, it will not be permitted to fly in the country anymore,” he said. 
Currently, Myanmar’s aviation could use any aircraft in service as long as 25 years and each of them could take off and land for 70,000 times.
Airplanes of many kinds from many manufacturers are being used in Myanmar including ART, 28 Fokker, MA60, Beech craft 900. 
National flag carrier Myanmar Airways bought new aeroplanes and is providing flight services in Myanmar air transport. Myanmar Airways substituted F-27 Fokker with China-made MA60.
The period of use for F-28 Fokker since 1978 was now 32 years while ART 72 and ART-42 had term in service for 10 years to 15 years.

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