Miss Myanmar stripped of Miss Asia Pacific World title

ASEAN+ August 28, 2014 18:07

By Myanmar Eleven

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Orgnaniser of Asia Pacific World beauty contest has stripped That Htet Aung or May Myat Noe of Myanmar of her title as Miss Asia Pacific World 2014.

May Myat Noe was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World in May 2014. She was the first Myanmar beauty queen to win an international beauty pageant. 
Miss Pacific World Organisation stated that May Myat Noe has never been qualified enough by her attitude due to her "lack of personality, integrity, loyalty to the organisation, and lovely character" and she has no respect of her main organisation, National Director, manager, media, and fans. 
One of the main reasons for the decision against the eighteen-year-old beauty queen is her "ungrateful attitude and trustworthiness" so the organisation will not work with her anymore, the statement said.
"Moreover we shocked with her mother's illegal attempt to get three months visa although we issued  Letter of Invitation and Reference letter for her mother until August 29," it said.

There are a few issues we do not want to mention about these in details. Simply, we have no trust on her and there is no reason to believe that she can carry out her duties as Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 successfully.

It said it bought her a ticket and sent her back home. "Her ungratefully attitute and trustworthiness is one of the main reaons which contribute to the deicsion," it said.

She will be sent back to Myanmar and will have to surrender her title, crown, and sash back properly to the National Director Hla Nu Tun when she arrives in Myanmar. 
The organisation plans to choose a new winner with qualified beauty standards, professional standards, and personal qualities and right attitudes, according to the statement.
Hla Nu Tun declined to comment on the matter.
“Please ask May Myat Noe first. Just ask her and see what she will say about this. She left for South Korea even without informing us. Now, I want you to listen to what she's going to say first,” she told Eleven Media. 
May Myat Noe was unable to be reached. She turned off her mobile phone.

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