EIA on road linking Dawei port to be released

ASEAN+ September 26, 2012 00:00

By Eleven Media

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An environmental impact assessment (EIA) will come out by the year-end regarding a four-lane road, which is under construction to link Myanmar's Dawei deep-sea port and Kanchanaburi in Thailand, coordinator Bo Bo Aung of Dawei Development Association (DD


Some environmentalists believe that deforestation can increase as the road will pass through the Taninthayi mountain ranges. 
The project is scheduled to be completed by 2015 and construction of the road axis has been finished. 
Plans are also underway to expand the four-lane road into an eight-lane one. 
“The environmental impact assessment on the project is being carried out by the Thai side. I heard it will be published at the end of this year. But we haven’t heard of the Myanmar side making any assessment. It will be an eight-lane road project. The axis for the four-lane road has been built. Now, deforestation in the Taninthayi mountain ranges is increasing,” Bo Bo Aung said. 
In 2008, Thailand and Myanmar signed a memorandum of understanding to implement a US$80-billion project on building an industrial zone and a deep-sea port in Dawei in southern Myanmar.
The Thai government aims to use Dawei deep-sea port as an exit to the Indian Ocean. It will also serve as a link between Myanmar and Europe and Africa.

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