Dinosaurs roam Central Festival Phuket Dinosaurs roam Central Festival Phuket

here are dinosaurs roaming around Central Festival!

We spoke with their creator, Vadim Gostev, about the outbreak of raptors in the mall, and the launch of Ghostinium Phuket.

The Ghostinium's premise is that an alien space craft has returned to Earth after millennia of collecting rare species of flora and flauna from around the galaxy, but mostly from our very own planet's prehistoric era. Fortunately for Phuketians, the spaceship “landed” right next to Central Festival East (Homeworks), giving us all a chance to partake of the cornucopia of animatronic delights within.

The new attraction is open Tuesday to Sunday, 12 to 8pm, with special opening discounts on tickets, available from the counter at Homeworks in Central Festival East.