Harrison to hold CONDO-COMPARE EXPO 2017

business March 27, 2017

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Participating property firms will wow visitors with their special offers and a total discount of up to Bt200 million at the CONDO-COMPARE EXPO 2017, held from April 18-24, 2017 at the CentralWorld shopping center, zone Eden 1 and 2.

CONDO-COMPARE EXPO 2017 is organized by Harrison Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading high-end real estate services agent. The expo is a must-visit event for home-buyers, displaying a wide array of ready-to-move-in and under-development condo projects, with a starting price of just over one million baht. Hot promotions such as 1-year free residence and a maximum special discount of two million baht will be offered to home-buyers during the 7-day event.

Harrison’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Alan Lin said property firms in Thailand are now confident in the high consumer purchasing power and predict that the Thai real estate business in 2017 will rebound and regain high rates of growth. He cited positive factors such as political stability, low interest rates, expanding investment projects from the private sector that have boosted employment and consumer purchasing power, as well as the government’s ongoing investment in mega-infrastructure projects, especially the extension of several mass transit rail lines, as key reasons for the resurgence.

Mr. Lin explained that the CONDO-COMPARE EXPO 2017 will be held under the “Hot Price Real Estate 4.0” theme. So far, the expo has received an enthusiastic response from over 30 projects. It will offer home-buyers a combined discount of up to 200 million baht*, with details of promotional campaigns determined by each project.

“We expect the 7-day expo will draw approximately 50,000 visitors and generate sales revenue of around 2 billion baht. We also anticipate additional sales of 5 billion baht minimally after the event, which will bring the total sales to more than 7 billion baht,” Mr. Lin said.

In addition, Harrison will launch the www.condo-compare.com website on April 19, with some real estate celebrities witnessing the event. Designed as a real estate and e-commerce service provider, the website can be used to source and compare condominium prices by location and room type, enabling home-buyers to make the best decision for their new condo. The website also provides reviews of property projects and the latest updates in the property circle, as well as the HOB (Harrison Online Broker) system. These outstanding features will make the website uniquely different, launch of which corresponds to the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy.

Those wishing to sell their property are invited to post details of the property on the website. Their offer will then be shared by HOB members via the Facebook platform and the members will receive commissions instantly when the property has been sold. The website, therefore, will deliver mutual benefits between the website users and HOB members, with the use of advanced online technology. Presently, it has over 2,000 HOB members some of whom have already received commissions.

For more details on the event and activities, please visit https://goo.gl/WKUUgh. To become an HOB member, please register at https://goo.gl/dKkJNt.