CAT andconsortium members celebrate the launch of APG submarine cable at

Startup_and_IT April 10, 2017

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CAT Telecom Public Company Limited or CAT hold hands with Executives from consortium investing in submarine cable APG or Asia Pacific Gateway, to celebrate the use of new submarine cable APG.

            The consortium consists of CAT, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom, KT Corporation, LG Uplus, NTT Com, StarHub, Global Transit, Vietteland VNPT. Construction of the APG comes with high standard with bandwidth to serve the world content in response of the internet usage and stabilization of data communication in Asia. In the event, there were plenty oftelecommunication services providers in Asia and around the world come and joined. 

            Colonel SanpachaiHuvanandana, Ph,D., the president of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited revealed “Since the last couple years, Thailand has promotedseveral policies in order to encourage economy and society by digital technology to develop Thailand to become the real Thailand 4.0. In this regard, telecommunication business will be an important drive for such policies particularly international communication related policies, which will help enhance Thailand’s economic growth and trade to reach the regional level.”

            He additionally revealed “Recently, domestic and international Internet Bandwidth of users have been continuously increasing for the last 5 years. Bandwidth of data communication and internet in 2017 will be approximately 4 Tbps. and is going to be increased with the compound rate next year. The factor is that number of internet users is increasing for both public sector and business entrepreneurs, where,in the age of Disruptive Technology, various developments need innovative technology. Moreover, the expansion of economy and trade within ASEAN like Myanmar, LAOS, and Cambodia, all of which are new economy and in the period of being competing market, makes high leap for Internet Bandwidth’s requirement. Network system development of CAT emphasizes on efficiency of signal communication which data can be transmitted with high speed and stability by submarine cable connected to regions around the world. It will help support domestic and regional economic growth for now and future. And today, weare here to celebrate and empower telecommunication business in Asiawith the consortium members of submarine cable APG to support services in Asia Pacific. Prior to this, there was construction of submarine cable AAG (Asia-America-Gateway) which provide connection for Asia with America. This ultimately shows the unstoppable growth of telecommunication business in Asia.”

            The submarine cable system APG (Asia Pacific Gateway) is 10,900 kilometers connected Thailand to Asia Pacific’s Landing Points such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China Mainland, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.The APG uses technology to expand bandwidth where speed of data transmission at speed of 54 Tbps.andthe capacity of this bandwidthis higher than all systems recently used in Thailand.Ultimately, this will efficiently lead to advancement of capability to support the dense data quantity developing from AAG system which CAT previously constructed. Within this year, CAT Internet Gateway will provide service of high speed connection of 100 Gbps. for each port so that international content service providers will be directly connected through various systems of international submarine cable system by CAT such as APG, AAG and SEA-ME-WE 4 ( Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4).All of which will increase stability of connection and better response the need of users. Eventually, this will make CAT Internet Gateway to become the first provider in Thailand to provide connection with Nx100 Gbps. through submarine cable system.

          Beside the adoption of submarine cable APG, CAT also has a policy to gear toward beingregional digital development hub. An initiative starts with Digital Innovation Park Project as well as development of services and products like Cloud, IoT, and Security to fulfill requirements and meet the deriving New S-Curve in all business sectors such as finance, banking, manufacturing, service and etc. Furthermore, CAT emphasizes on cooperation with domestic and international content and application related entrepreneurs to boost business momentum and furthering the existing businesses investing in ASEAN.