• Fri, 07 Jun 2019 01:00
    Rising household debts could |impact consumer spending: NESDC
    HOUSEHOLD DEBTS are on the rise and could suppress consumer spending as well as people’s ability to repay their debts, the state think-tank National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) warned yesterday.
  • Fri, 24 May 2019 01:00
    Do different ideologies exist in Thai politics?
    Did it make any sense to have 80 different political parties participating in the last election? We read about people who were encouraged to establish parties by “other forces” with promises of financial support later, only to face hard reality when they wound up with huge debts. So why all these new parties? 
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  • Thu, 16 May 2019 01:00
    Why BOT should hold steady on policy rate in face of household debts
    THERE has been much debate over recent quarters about whether the Bank of Thailand should increase its policy rate from 1.75 per cent to 2 per cent.
  • Tue, 30 Apr 2019 01:00
    Low-income households struggle under rapidly mounting debt
    THAI workers have shouldered ever-higher household debt in the past 10 years as their incomes have not been adequate to meet their expenses, according to a survey.
  • Mon, 29 Apr 2019 18:00
    Prawit orders Isoc to coordinate ‘well-rounded solution’ to woes faced by loan shark victims
    Deputy PM General Prawit Wongsuwan has instructed the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc), police, Army and related administrative officials to proceed with the implementation of a well-rounded solution to the problem of people reeling under huge debts after falling victim to unfair contracts with loan sharks.
  • Wed, 27 Mar 2019 16:59
    Debt Collection Services: Making Overdues Never Too Late
    Debt collection involves pursuing late payments of debts made by individuals or corporate accounts.
  • Mon, 14 Jan 2019 01:00
    Adjustment urged as digital TV channels face competition for TV viewers from online players
    Bangkok Bank, the creditor of over five digital TV broadcasters, said the bank’s borrowers have remained financially sound and their debts have not turned bad.
  • Fri, 04 Jan 2019 01:00
    Hunt for yield, fragile property  market high on BOT watch list
    THE Bank of Thailand (BOT) is keeping watch on risks to the financial system posed by factors ranging from investors’ search for yield and fragility in the property market to high household debts and increasingly large swings in capital movements.
  • Mon, 26 Nov 2018 01:00
    IVL optimistic of 2019, unfazed by global rate hikes, impact of trade wars
    Rising global rates have little impact on Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) as most of its debts are fixed interest rate borrowings while the company’s cashflow remains strong, said D K Agarwal, chief executive officer/Feedstock and PET business.
  • Wed, 07 Nov 2018 01:00
    Thailand will pay heavy price for over-reliance on China
    Beijing’s Belt and Road funding comes with punishing debts and backing for authoritarian regimes 
  • Sun, 30 Sep 2018 16:15
    Paramilitary volunteer commits ‘suicide’
    A paramilitary ranger volunteer reportedly shot himself dead in the toilet of a restaurant in Narathiwat province on Saturday night, reportedly because of stress caused by debts and family issues.
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  • Fri, 21 Sep 2018 01:00
    Malaysia to widen money inflow
    THE MALAYSIA government, which had previously identified at least 10 billion ringgit worth of spending cuts, plans to further strengthen its cashflow by monetising some of its non-strategic assets and gradually issuing new sovereign debts.
  • Sat, 18 Aug 2018 01:00
    Household debt
    Thailand's household debts have been on the rise over the past decade, up from an average of Bt116,681 in 2007 to Bt178,994 in 2017.
  • Wed, 01 Aug 2018 01:00
    Bt16 bn debt package to aid 3.8m farmers 
    SOME 3.8 million struggling farmers have been granted a respite on mounting debts, with the Cabinet approving a Bt16 billion programme that provides for a suspension of repayments.
  • Mon, 30 Jul 2018 01:00
    Indebted lives
    During the past seven years, every single baht from retired teacher Somjit na Soongnoen’s monthly pension of more than Bt30,000 has gone towards repayment of debt.
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