• Thu, 10 Jan 2019 01:00
    Trump can take inspiration from Pope’s migrant-proof barrier
    Re: “Pope Francis has the solution to Trump’s wall problem”, Have Your Say, yesterday.
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  • Mon, 02 Jul 2018 01:00
    Trump can learn some lessons from Obama on the art of communication
    Re: “US right to seal off its borders”, Have Your Say, June 28
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  • Sat, 26 May 2018 12:25
    South Korea welcomes 'reignited' US-North Korea talks
    South Korea on Saturday welcomed the renewed prospect of a summit between the United States and North Korea after President Trump cancelled talks with Kim Jong Un only to suggest they might still take place.
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  • Fri, 25 May 2018 06:56
    N. Korea says still open to talks with US
    North Korea on Friday said it was still willing to talk to the United States after President Donald Trump cancelled a summit between the two countries, a decision Pyongyang described as "extremely regrettable".
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  • Thu, 24 May 2018 21:05
    Trump cancels Singapore summit with Kim
    US President Donald Trump informed Kim Jong Un Thursday he is canceling their nuclear summit next month in Singapore, blaming "anger" and "hostility" from the North Korean regime for the collapse of the historic event.
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  • Mon, 30 Apr 2018 19:27
    Trump can have Nobel Peace Prize: S. Korea president
    South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday played down the prospect of winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his historic summit with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, saying Donald Trump can have it instead.
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  • Thu, 24 Aug 2017 01:00
    Trump can’t afford to lose the US fascist constituency
    An ABC News poll showed that 9 per cent of Americans see nothing wrong with supporting white supremacist groups. Since 62 per cent of the American population is non-Hispanic white, that means that probably about 15 per cent of white Americans think that way.
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  • Fri, 16 Dec 2016 01:00
    A rebranding for the Trump Empire
    Speculation is currently rife as to how US President-elect Donald Trump can avoid charges of conflict of interest, given his widespread real-estate holdings. Particularly of interest are the numerous hotels, resorts, casinos, and other establishments that bear his name. I suggest that he can solve this part of the problem through judicious rebranding.
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  • Mon, 21 Nov 2016 01:00
    Six reasons why Trump cannot ignore Asean
    Speculation has been wild and crazy about the incoming US administration’s policy and overall take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards Asean. The reason is quite simple. Asean has been one of the most successful foreign policy areas under outgoing President Barack Obama, thanks to the solid foundation laid by the second George W Bush administration.
  • Wed, 09 Nov 2016 16:57
    Climate diplomats push back against Trump victory
    MARRAKESH, Morocco - Stunned participants at UN climate talks in Marrakesh insisted Wednesday that climate change denier Donald Trump cannot derail the global shift to clean energy, although some called his victory in US presidential elections a "disaster".
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  • Fri, 19 Feb 2016 12:09
    Pope says Donald Trump 'not a Christian'
    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis on Thursday intervened explosively in the US election campaign, saying Donald Trump cannot claim to be a Christian and also vow to build a border wall to keep out immigrants.
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  • Sat, 15 Aug 2015 01:00
    Why Trump's hostile takeover bid for Republican Party is a loser
    There is only one way Donald Trump can win the Republican presidential nomination next year. It's something he's familiar with from his big business career. It's called a hostile takeover.
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