• Sun, 24 Mar 2019 10:24
    Voters turn out in big numbers in Central region
    A large numbers of voters turned out to cast their ballots in many provinces of the Central region. Queues were formed at several polling stations even before the voting began at 8am in the provinces of Suphan Buri, Pathum Thani, Ang Thong, Phetchaburi and Samut Songkhram.
  • Mon, 18 Mar 2019 16:46
    Samut Songkhram or Samut Sakhon? Ask the EC chief
    Sunday’s advance voting was the first election to be overseen by the Election Commission (EC) chief, Ittiporn Boonpracong, who is a diplomat by profession and was once an ambassador to the Netherlands and Kenya. 
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  • Mon, 14 Jan 2019 16:46
    No preservatives in famous steamed mackerel, corrects protection chief
    A consumer protection unit in Samut Songkhram province on Monday denied a widespread claim on social network platforms that preservatives were being added to steamed mackerels, a renowned local product of the province. 
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  • Fri, 08 Jun 2018 01:00
    Kanchanaburi court move may delay Premchai trial
    THE POACHING case linked to construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta may be delayed, after the Thong Pha Phum Provincial Court in Kanchanaburi on Wednesday asked the Appeals Court to rule if the case should be handled by the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases Region 7 in Samut Songkhram province.
  • Wed, 16 May 2018 17:30
    Monk survives pit bull onslaught
    A 68-year-old Buddhist monk narrowly escaped death after being mauled by nearly 10 pit bulls while on a morning alms round in Samut Songkhram province on Tuesday, a local police Facebook page revealed on Wednesday.
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  • Sun, 13 May 2018 01:00
    Descendants celebrate Siamese Twins and Thai-US friendship
    IF “SIAMESE twins” Chang and Eng Bunker, Thailand’s most famous twin entertainers, were alive today, they would no doubt be impressed to see their descendants making their first official visit to the Kingdom to celebrate their 207th birthday on Friday in Samut Songkhram province, the birthplace of the twins.
  • Fri, 11 May 2018 15:21
    Bunker descendants celebrate birthday of ‘Siamese twins’ at Samut Songkhram festival
    Dozens third-generation to fifth-generation descendents of the famous “Siamese twins” Chang and Eng Bunker on Friday celebrated the twins’ 207th birthday in their birthplace – Samut Songkhram’s Muang district.
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  • Fri, 11 May 2018 01:00
    Chang and Eng’s descendants arrive for birthday celebrations
    DOZENS of descendants of Chang and Eng Bunker yesterday arrived in the hometown of the famous Siamese conjoined twins to celebrate the anniversary of their birth today in Samut Songkhram province more than two centuries ago.
  • Thu, 10 May 2018 12:19
    Magic doll no use to woman charged with drug peddling
    A woman counting on the magic of a “luk thep” doll to shield her from arrest was disappointed on Wednesday evening when she and her 16-year-old companion were nabbed while allegedly delivering meth to a buyer in Samut Songkhram.
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  • Mon, 19 Mar 2018 17:45
    Samut Songkhram governor reveals anti-rabies measure
    As a rabies outbreak hits parts of Thailand, Samut Songkhram governor Khanchat Tansathien on Monday revealed a plan to clear streets in the province of 3,000 stray dogs by next year by having local administrative bodies round up strays to be kept at shelters.
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  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:59
    Employers turn up at one-stop service centre to register migrant workers
    A large number of Thai employers in Samut Songkhram province on Wednesday showed up to register their migrant labourers or renew their documents at the “one-stop service” centre before end of the March 31 deadline.
  • Wed, 01 Nov 2017 01:00
    Floats on the water
    And fire in the sky as Loy Krathong is celebrated country-wide this Friday
  • Tue, 19 Sep 2017 18:23
    Samut Songkhram to celebrate famous Siamese twins
    The story of Thai-American conjoined twin brothers whose condition and birthplace became the basis for the term “Siamese twins” over nearly two centuries ago will be celebrated at event in their birthplace of Samut Songkhram province to mark the 200th anniversary of Thai-American relations.
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  • Fri, 15 Sep 2017 14:38
    Sign forbidding feeding macaques torn
    In response to the widespread sharing of a long-tailed macaque killed by a passing car, Samut Songkhram Governor Khanchat Tansathien on Friday inspected the Don Hoy Lot roadside area in Samut Songkhram’s Muang district.
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  • Mon, 11 Sep 2017 15:16
    Ban on monkey feeding on Samut Songkhram road proposed after several killed by vehicles
    Local residents and online users have called on the Samut Songkhram provincial administration to ban motorists from feeding wild crab-eating macaques on a road after several of the monkeys were hit and killed by passing vehicles.
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