• Sat, 29 Jul 2017 01:00:00
    NHRC warns activists are being monitored
    Human rights group says local opponents of potash project being kept in the dark.
  • Tue, 25 Jul 2017 01:00:00
    Groups call for stronger law on environment
  • Thu, 08 Sep 2016 01:00:00
    TRC sure of pulling off mining project
    TRC Construction Plc (TRC), a listed and small-sized contractor, expects to sign a Bt34-billion contract for a mineral processing plant and facilities at the Asean potash-mining project in Chaiyaphum by the end of this year, its chief executive officer Pa
  • Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:00:00
    Residents claim potash mines causing problems
    TRANSPARENCY and strict environmental regulations are needed to avoid problems between local communities and potash mines, an academic said recently.
  • Sun, 28 Aug 2016 01:00:00
    Industry minister avoids potash mine protesters
    INDUSTRY MINISTER Atchaka Sibunruang yesterday cancelled her planned visit to an under-construction potash mine in Chaiyaphum province for security reasons, due to an ongoing protest against a planned coal-fired power plant to support the mine.
  • Sun, 24 Apr 2016 01:00:00
    Potash mine opponents make a stand at hearing
    Udon Thani residents Blow whistles during threehour forum, vow to fight in court if project gets go ahead
  • Wed, 09 Dec 2015 01:00:00
    Chaiyaphum residents complain to Asean embassies
    Fear 56mw plant linked to potash mine will ruin the environment
  • Thu, 19 Nov 2015 01:00:00
    Udon Thani group seeks ban on potash mining
    A PETITION to stop the approval process for potash-mine concession was given to the Udon Thani deputy provincial governor by a local environmental group, amid concerns of a new push for potash mining approvals.
  • Thu, 08 Oct 2015 01:00:00
    Potash mining still boiling issue despite councillors' votes
    LOCALS IN two tambons of Udon Thani's Prachaksinlapakhom district continue to oppose a project to launch potash-mining operations in their hometown, even after their local administrative bodies had voted on the issue.
  • Wed, 16 Sep 2015 01:00:00
    Firm closer to applying for mining licence amid local uproar
    As Udon Thani environmentalists expressed their objection to a public meeting on mining concessions being held at a military camp, Asia Pacific Potash Corporation (APPC) was one step closer to applying for the mining licence.
  • Tue, 15 Sep 2015 01:00:00
    People in provinces concerned over possible mining operations
    A FORMER WORKER at Akara Resources' gold mine in Phichit's Thab Khlo district passed away earlier this month after long suffering from symptoms that could be associated with his job at the mine.
  • Mon, 27 Jul 2015 01:00:00
    Potash firm trying to calm locals in Udon about mine
    A MINING company has been trying to calm locals opposed to a new potash mine in Udon Thani by disseminating information, and explaining the environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  • Wed, 22 Jul 2015 01:00:00
    Meeting set for mid-Aug on fighting potash mining
    Isaan activists and villagers to organise stance before petitioning government
  • Mon, 13 Jul 2015 01:00:00
    Locals up in arms over potash mine
    Academic steps in to help examine impacts of huge Udon Thani project but doubts remain
  • Mon, 19 May 2014 00:00:00
    Udon residents seek NHCO help for assessment
    The National Health Commission Office of Thailand has agreed to a request for further information from residents in Udon Thani campaigning against a potash mine, senior NHCO officials said, after an inspection of the project site on Monday.
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