• Mon, 15 Jan 2018 22:46:42
    South Korea split over cryptocurrency measures
    SEOUL - Amid mixed messages from the government that had confused investors over the weekend, the Korean public also appeared split on how to approach the cryptocurrency craze.
  • Sat, 13 Jan 2018 15:01:26
    Facebook joins Europol talks to fight Islamist propaganda
    Facebook took part this week in key talks with European police agencies on how to stop and eliminate violent and terror-related Islamic jihadist posts, in an evolving battle against such propaganda.
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  • Sat, 13 Jan 2018 14:15:32
    Diva Dion comes to Bangkok
    Canadian singer Celine Dion has announced she will head overseas this summer with her highly anticipated “Live 2018” Tour, bringing the show to seven cities across the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Sat, 13 Jan 2018 13:35:47
    Powered paraglider falls during Children’s Day show
    A powered paraglider fell and landed on a palm tree in Chumphon province during a show to mark National Children’s Day on Saturday morning.
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  • Wed, 10 Jan 2018 01:00:00
    Portal into the past
    How Tokyo photo studios cater to tourists' fascination with ancient Japan
  • Tue, 09 Jan 2018 12:16:22
    NLA vetting committee to solve arithmetic issue in MP bill
    The National Legislative Assembly’s (NLA) law vetting committee is considering a change to the formula within the draft organic law governing the House of Representatives that calculates how to apportion seats to MPs.
  • Sat, 30 Dec 2017 11:28:24
    PM to assign Transport Ministry to improve road system
    Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said on Saturday that he would assign the Transport Ministry to figure out how to improve road networks by creating web-like transport routes to avoid traffic congestions.
  • Sun, 24 Dec 2017 01:00:00
    Compromise allows UK’s divorce from EU to progress
    Within six months, Brussels and London have more or less sorted out the initial terms of their divorce and beginning January, the talks will focus on how to spend the two years of transitional period and what the future relations will be like.
  • Sat, 23 Dec 2017 01:00:00
    How to turn Thailand’s oligarchy into a fairer society for all 
    With the new inheritance tax introduced last year and the Land and Building Tax Law arriving in 2019,
  • Sat, 23 Dec 2017 01:00:00
    Amazon shows how to stay in front by working backwards
    AMAZON, the world’s largest online retailer by revenue and market capitalisation, has championed what it calls the “Working Backwards” (WB) process to achieve its success.
  • Wed, 20 Dec 2017 01:00:00
    Dutch show Thailand how to tap young minds for national progress
    In 2005 the Dutch government introduced a National Think Tank (NTT) staffed by 22 students and young graduates.
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  • Mon, 18 Dec 2017 10:39:19
    How to crowdsource your way out of a problem
    SOME organisations feel the pressure to digitalise because it's the current buzzword in business. But too many digital projects lose sight of their customers.
  • Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:00:00
    How to keep kids out of trouble
    HRH Princess Bajarakitiyabha harnnesses skills and sports for the Nabha Foundation's noble cause
  • Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:17:16
    Don’t be shy – get out and get fit
    Fit Fest 2017 – billed as the first fitness festival ever held in Thailand – promises to give rookies who aren’t sure how to start a fun and robust introduction to exercise.
  • Sun, 03 Dec 2017 01:00:00
    ‘Hello English!’ completes roadshow to 10 schools
    A programme aimed at making English fun for students has just completed a tour of 10 schools in Thailand.
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