• Wed, 22 Aug 2018 09:48
    Major Vietnam high speed railway to be elevated, tunnelled: draft report
    The new north-south high-speed railway connecting Hanoi and HCM City over a distance of 1,545 kilometres is expected to run mainly on elevated sections and below ground to avoid creating more level crossings.
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  • Tue, 27 Mar 2018 18:46
    The Cabinet yesterday approved a project for a high-speed railway linking the three major airports - Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok and U-Tapao in eastern Rayong province. 
  • Fri, 22 Dec 2017 01:00
    Construction bids for high-speed train project in coordination with China to be completed in 2018
    THE government has set a new target to call for construction bids for the Bt179-billion, 252-kilometre Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima high-speed railway by the end of next year, according to Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittay-apaisith.
  • Fri, 22 Sep 2017 13:38
    Beijing-Shanghai train speed limit rockets to 350 km/h
    BEIJING - The speed on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway was increased to 350 km/h on Thursday, making it again among the world’s fastest train services after the operational limit was reduced six years ago.
  • Sat, 16 Sep 2017 01:00
    Let’s all board the same train
    Thailand is striking a careful balance in its relations with China and Japan, the future of which might rest on high-speed railways 
  • Mon, 14 Aug 2017 01:00
    China’s loan terms rejected
    High-speed railway project proceeds as beijing demands high interest rate that thai transport ministry believes unfair
  • Fri, 14 Jul 2017 01:00
    China-Thailand rail deal will also benefit region
    There’s no gain without pain, as the saying goes, and that’s certainly been true of the China-Thailand high-speed railway, which has found its way strewn with obstacles before the first phase finally got the green light to go ahead on Tuesday.
  • Mon, 26 Jun 2017 01:00
    Govt vows to protect public interest in high-speed railway
    Yes the country’s interests are the government’s top priority.
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  • Mon, 19 Jun 2017 19:40
    Petition campaign urges competitive bidding for high-speed rail project
    A petition campaign was launched in change.org on Sunday, calling for more transparency in terms of the appointment of contractors for the planned Thai-Chinese high-speed railway project by adopting a competitive-bidding auction system.
  • Sat, 17 Jun 2017 01:00
    Academics concerned over Chinese exemptions for high-speed rail project
    ACADEMICS and professional bodies are concerned about the government’s accountability for potential damages that may arise after multiple legal exemptions were granted to the Thai-Chinese high-speed railway project under Article 44 of the interim charter.
  • Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:19
    Article 44 opens throttle on high-speed railway
    The government on Thursday night formally stated that it would use Article 44 to override obstacles to the Chinese-built high-speed railway, publishing its plan in the Royal Gazette. 
  • Wed, 12 Apr 2017 17:04
    Indonesia to recalculate high-speed railway investment
    The Indonesian government is recalculating the investment needed to develop the high-speed railway that is expected to connect Jakarta and Bandung in West Java.
  • Thu, 06 Apr 2017 15:51
    China rail project in Indonesia seen as model for region
    China’s first high-speed railway project in Indonesia will push Southeast Asian countries to adopt Chinese standards in building the best quality rail networks, according to Zhou Zhiliang, chairman of China Railway Signal and Communication Co.
  • Sat, 25 Mar 2017 20:48
    ​​​​​​​Govt going ahead with high-speed railway plan
    The government has affirmed its plans to invest in high-speed railway projects connecting Thailand and neighboring countries as part of its regional connectivity development plan.
  • Tue, 14 Mar 2017 01:00
    U-tapao, high-speed rail top list
    THE GOVERNMENT will move first with two transport projects – the upgrade of U-tapao International Airport and the construction of a high-speed railway – out of the five mega-projects under the Eastern Economic Corridor master plan.
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