• Tue, 19 Mar 2019 01:00
    Thailand needs child protection expertise at community level 
    Violence against children is widespread in Thai society. Figures from the Public Health Ministry reveal that nearly 9,000 children were treated in hospitals due to abuse in 2017, mostly having suffered from sexual abuse. These figures are likely just the tip of the iceberg, as often only the most severe cases of abuse are reported. 
  • Mon, 11 Mar 2019 18:45
    MAI firms post 14.6% revenue rise for last year
    Companies listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) have posted combined revenue of Bt174.36 billion for last year, up 14.64 per cent from the total achieved in 2017, the Stock Exchange of Thailand reported on Monday.
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  • Tue, 26 Feb 2019 20:18
    Minor International posts 32% jump in Q4 core net profit, 10% rise for full year
    Minor International (MINT) on Tuesday announced a core net profit (excluding non-recurring items) of Bt2.13 billion for the final quarter of last year, a 32-per-cent increase from the Bt1.61 billion achieved in the same period in 2017.
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  • Tue, 26 Feb 2019 17:55
    Thaicom chief executive officer Anant Kaewruamvongs welcomed the government’s approval of the Kingdom’s satellite manage
    Dusit Thani has reported its 2018 financial results, including a Bt290-million net profit and revenue of Bt5.565 billion. The profit represents an 8.6-per-cent increase on the Bt267 million posted in 2017.
  • Fri, 22 Feb 2019 16:53
    Man arrested after alleged tutoring fee scam
    A 46-year-old man who allegedly cheated parents out of tutoring fees two years ago, has been arrested. Theera or Ariyanatta Ratchuwong was arrested recently in Nonthaburi’s Bangyai district under arrest warrant issued in 2017 for paying with bounced cheques.
  • Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:00
    The real emergencies that Don is ignoring   
    While President Trump imagines and exaggerates an emergency on the southern border, the real emergencies in the US go on uncontested and ignored. With 40,000 gun deaths in 2017 you would think that maybe a proper form of gun control would be in the offing, but no such luck.
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  • Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:00
    Delta sees 7.8 per cent rise in profit
    Delta Electronics (Thailand) Plc has reported Bt5.13 billion in net profit, up 4.05 per cent from the 2017 figure of Bt4.93 billion, according to the company’s report to the SET late on Monday.
  • Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:00
    Palm price hits Global Green
     Global Green Chemicals Plc has announced a net loss of Bt1.16 billion for 2018, with a drop from its 2017 net profit of Bt520.93 million, according to the company’s report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand late on Monday.
  • Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:00
    PTT Global sees 1.9% net profit bump over 2017
    PTT Global Chemical Plc has announced Bt40.06 billion in net profit, up 1.9 per cent from Bt39.29 billion in 2017, according to the company’s report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand released late on Monday.
  • Wed, 13 Feb 2019 01:00
    Five insurgents convicted, one gets death over 2017 Songkhla car-centre raid
    A PROVINCIAL court has convicted all five defendants charged in a car-bomb plot, which included blatant theft of vehicles from a car centre in Songkhla province and a fatal hostage-taking.
  • Mon, 11 Feb 2019 19:03
    Bosch defies weak markets with record-equalling 2018 performance
    Bosch Group is continuing on its successful course despite difficult economic conditions and weak markets, with sales and results last year reaching the 2017 level, which was an all-time high, the German tech and services giant said on Monday.
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  • Mon, 11 Feb 2019 17:05
    Aikchol Hospital posts 10% rise in net profit
    Listed hospital operator Aikchol Hospital made a net profit of Bt140.71 million last year, up 10 per cent from the Bt127.86 million achieved in 2017, the company reported to the Stock Exchange of Thailand on Monday.
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  • Mon, 11 Feb 2019 12:41
    Golden Land sees profits rise 17% in 2018
    Listed property firm Golden Land Property Development Plc had total revenue of Bt15.84 billion and net profit of Bt1.94 billion at the end of 2018, up 14 per cent and 17 per cent respectively from 2017, it reported to the Stock Exchange of Thailand on Monday.
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  • Mon, 11 Feb 2019 11:14
    SHREIT’s hotel properties continue to grow in value
    An independent appraisal of the total book value of Strategic Hospitality Extendable Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust or SHREIT’s hotel properties in Southeast Asia as at the end of 2018 has stated a figure of US$143.2 million, up 9.6 per cent from the investment value at SHREIT’s inception and 3.6 per cent higher than the investment value as at the end of 2017.
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  • Mon, 04 Feb 2019 19:31
    Deloitte charts shifts in consumer demand
    The world’s top 250 retailers generated aggregated revenue of US$4.53 trillion in fiscal 2017, representing composite growth of 5.7 per cent, according to the Deloitte Global report “Global Powers of Retailing 2019”.
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