Garbage collection fees, the new rates. Covering both storage and disposal

national May 23, 2019

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Mr.Chatree Watthanakhajorn the Director of the Bangkok Environment Agency revealed that the Environment Agency will collect new garbage collection fees at 80 baht per month from 1 October 2019 onwards. The solid waste collection fee of Bangkok that are currently used has been used since 2005 and is the only collection of waste collection fees excluding solid waste disposal. The general houses store 20 baht per month per month. Resulting in BMA having to bear a lot of burden in addition, the Ministry of Public Health has issued Ministerial Regulations to prescribe general solid waste fees. In order to cover the costs of both the collection and disposal costs in accordance with the principle of polluters. The rate of solid waste management fees for general houses with a volume not exceeding 20 liters per day. There is a set of storage fees of 65 baht per month. And the waste disposal fee of 155 baht per month total cost 220 baht per month.

Director of the Environment Agency said if considering the cost of waste management of common houses will find that the cost of garbage collection at 130 baht per month. Solid waste disposal fee at 98 baht per month total cost 228 baht per month. While currently collecting fees of only 20 baht per month or 9 % of the total cost. The new provisions taking into account the appropriateness and in accordance with the social and economic conditions which must not create too much burden on the people. There is a determination of solid waste management fees for general houses. Separated into solid waste collection fees of 40 baht per month and garbage disposal fees of 40 baht per month totaling 80 baht per month or about 35% of the total cost do not cover the actual costs. Which is lower rate Fees imposed by public health laws.

For this new fee rate Will be effective from 1 October 2019, the format of the fee. Will be a form of staff to collect fees to the houses of the people or able to pay fees at the district office and in the future, will add electronic payment channels to create more convenience for the people. Revenues arising from this rate increase to make BMA a budget increase that can be used to manage other aspects such as keeping clean and creating a good environment and improving the quality of life of Bangkok people.


In terms of optimization in the Solid Waste Management BMA has provided modern vehicles for garbage collection such as truck mounted hydraulic kit with container for use in the collection of solid waste. This can reduce labor and time to collect garbage. In addition, an urgent set has been added to increase the number of trips to collect solid waste along the main roads and secondary lines on all routes including increasing the frequency of garbage collection in various areas such as the main road, collecting garbage every day, before 05.30 AM. The secondary roads store operations to ensure that no residual waste in the area and in the fresh market, carry out garbage collection every day. In terms of recyclable waste and large waste will be collected every Sunday and storage of hazardous waste every week.