Don't worry about drought problems in Bangkok. Prepare water reserve for use when rain does not fall.

national April 18, 2019

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Pol.Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang Governor of Bangkok revealed that Bangkok aware the drought situation in Bangkok. Because the Meteorological Department predicted that this year the water will be less than last year but the drought problem in Bangkok will not have a severe impact because in the Bangkok area there are many canals and there is not much agricultural area. However, Bangkok has prepared to cope and prevent drought. As well as preparing fire prevention measures during the dry season as well. Which the Bangkok authorities have prepared for the situation such as the Bureau of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation create a plan to prevent and solve drought problems in Bangkok, year 2019. Establish an Incident Command Center to prevent and solve drought problems. Bangkok, year 2019 Establish measures to prevent fire, grass and garbage in the wilderness area of Bangkok. Prepare the announcement of Bangkok on measures to prevent and solve the problems of grass fire in wilderness areas. And coordinate the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority to request water supply support without charge to help people suffering from drought in the Bangkok area. As for the Drainage Bureau, the cooperation of the Royal Irrigation Department in managing the Chao Phraya Basin. The Royal Irrigation Department confirmed that there was enough water to allocate water during the last 2 months of the dry season. Including measures to provide water to spare during early the rainy season and drought conditions in the months (May - July 2562) amounted to 6042 million cubic meters.

In addition, the Social Development Office has created a plan to prepare prevention and problem solving. Along with requesting cooperation 26 outer district offices with agricultural areas keep monitoring the situation closely and requesting cooperation from people planning for planting and proper use of water. The Social Development Office will promote vocational training in order to create additional income for farmers f there is a drought problem that cannot be done with agriculture.