Korean Air contributes for school renovation project in Thailand with Channel 3

lifestyle August 08, 2018

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Seoul, Korea (7 August, 2018) – Korean Air has partnered with Channel 3, one of the top broadcast stations in Thailand, on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project to renovate the Watsuthasinee Elementary School in Kanchanaburi Province. Volunteers from the airline painted walls at the school yesterday, with the executive producer and main cast from “Nak Su Tevda”, a drama show broadcasted by Channel 3.

The CSR program, jointly funded by Korean Air and Channel 3, started in July with renovation of the school’s playground, walkway, dormitory and facilities currently underway. Volunteers from the Korean Air Thailand office, Ms. PatchaneeJarujinda, the Executive Producer and the main cast from Channel 3’s drama “Nak Su Tevda”, together with more than 100 students and teachers painted the walls of the school’s buildings in a visit yesterday. The guests also enjoyed playing sports with the students, after donating sports equipment and kitchenware to the school.

Watsuthasinee Elementary School is located at Bong Ti, Saiyok, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. It is under the Royal Initiative Project which was organized by King Bhumibol and Princess Sirindhorn in 1980. The Project aims to provide basic education, basic equipment and an environment for teaching and learning, to improve the quality of life of children living in remote border areas of Thailand.

“We have participated in various corporate social responsibility initiatives in the past and each year we take pride in giving back to the communities where we operate, at home and abroad. This year, we are delighted to partner with Channel 3 from Thailand, which is influential within the community, for this meaningful campaign,” said Korean Air. “We are delighted to support the students in Thailand by improving their learning environment, which also demonstrates our commitment to support the underprivileged in different communities.”

Korean Air has helped with volunteer projects at orphanages, rehabilitation centers for the disabled, senior care centers to support disadvantaged groups, and provided relief work for those in need. The airline actively encourages and supports groups to perform volunteer activities in various countries, including Thailand, the Philippines and Mongolia.

As a leading global carrier, Korean Air will continue to engage in CSR programs at home and abroad, supporting local and foreign communities.


About Korean Air

Korean Air, established in 1969, is one of the world's top 20 airlines carrying more than 26 million passengers in 2017. The airline operates over 460 flights per day to 124 cities in 43 countries on six continents; it has a modern fleet of 175 aircraft and employs over 20,000 professional employees. Korean Air’s core business includes passenger, cargo, aerospace, catering and in-flight sales. The airline's main hub is at the newly-opened Incheon (ICN) International Airport Terminal 2.

Korean Air is a founding member of the Sky Team airline alliance, which together with its 20 members annually welcomes 730 million passengers worldwide, on more than 16,609 daily flights, covering 1,074 destinations in 177 countries. The airline recently launched a joint venture partnership with Delta Air Lines in the trans-Pacific market.

In 2019 Korean Air will celebrate its 50th anniversary. With a vision to be a respected leader in the world airline community, Korean Air is dedicated to providing excellence in flight.

More on Korean Air's programs, routes, frequencies and partners is available at koreanair.com, facebook.com/KoreanAir, Google.com/+KoreanAir_KE, and Twitter@KoreanAir_KE.


About Channel 3

The story of Thai TV Color Channel 3 began on March 4, 1968, when Bangkok Entertainment Co.,Ltd. signed a contract with Thai Television Co.,Ltd., a state-run television company belonging to the Public Relations Department of Thailand. Both companies agreed to jointly operate a new color television station broadcasting on channel 3, broadcasted covering all area of Bangkok and 18 provinces nearby, which was equivalent to 20.65 percent of the entire Thailand superficies.


In 1985 the plan to expand the television networks around the country was revived and had gradually been completed respectively enable all 22 relays stations to be full function by July 1989. In 1989, broadcasted its programming covering 80.4 percent of Thailand’s superficies, allowing 87 percent of Thai population enable to enjoy all television programs nationwide. In 1995, Bangkok Entertainment Co.,Ltd. has merged into the group of BEC World Public Company in order to strengthen its business into worldwide.


In this digital era, Channel 3 has developed its broadcasting capability with high definition digital transmitter to provide all programming through real time on-line services with more brand-new 2 television channels (Family Channel and SD Channel) licensed by Royal Thai government in 2015.


Since started until now, Channel 3 has always committed itself with utmost efforts to continue its ambitious duty to be one of the most responsive media in Thai society. It is not exaggerating to say that channel 3 has always played a vital part in the forefront of television business, with up to date state-of-the art equipment with new kind of programs presenting by offering its viewers with new concepts of news information and entertainments.


Channel 3 today has proudly played an important role as an advanced television program maker in new chapter of telecasting in Thailand. It never ceases to create brand new ideas and always been with more new concepts and contents in order to make all programs much more interesting, exciting with good taste suitable for all audiences regardless of ages or genders and nationalities.

Like its slogan said “WORTHY EVERY MINUTE, LET’S WATCH TV COLOR CHANNEL 3” (คุ้มค่าทุกนาทีดูทีวีสีช่องสาม)