PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok Receives New Spa of the Year Award at 13th Annual AsiaSpa Awards in Hong Kong

lifestyle December 29, 2017

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PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA continues to set new standards of excellence in the spa and wellness industry with its recent win at the 13th Annual AsiaSpa Awards hosted by AsiaSpa Magazine, a leading luxury lifestyle and travel publication dedicated to showcasing the latest in wellness, beauty and lifestyle trends.


Recognized for its innovative approach to wellness while providing a sanctuary for the mind, body and spirit, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok was bestowed the New Spa of the Year Award besting other new spas in the Asia Pacific that opened within this year.


Established in 2005, the Annual AsiaSpa Awards recognizes the leaders in Asia’s dynamic spa and wellness industry. Among the most prestigious awards, it is respected for its uncompromised independence as well as objectivity and transparency. Recently held in Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, the awarding ceremony saw 26 spas, hotels and resorts, retreats, personalities and products honored for their outstanding achievements in high-quality standards and innovation. The judging panel consists of health experts, spa gurus, well-being writers and personalities, chosen for their independent opinions and wide-ranging experience.


Opened in May this year, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok introduces a world of ultimate indulgence in Park Hyatt Bangkok’s 10th floor, offering a lush cityscape while ensuring an unforgettable experience. With state-of-the-art facilities and personalized services, the 472-square meter urban escape offers guests a suite of distinctive treatments in eight treatment rooms, including 2 double suites, tastefully adorned in subtle sophistication to evoke utmost relaxation.


Exquisite Spa Experience

Ensuring that guests are accorded with only the best spa experiences, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA introduces four original concepts that embody its unique offering at Park Hyatt Bangkok.


Ultimate Luxury: Highlighting the brand’s identity of sophistication and luxe, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok offers a haven of exclusivity, where guests are transported into a cocoon of private pampering. Guests are treated with utmost attention and care the moment they enter the spa until their departure.


With its motto, “Everything that touches you is organic”, its range of bathrobes, towels, sheets, fresh fruits and refreshments are carefully selected for its organic properties. Ensuring that guests receive a holistic and luxurious wellness experience, each luxurious treatment is underscored by only the finest natural and organic PAÑPURI products that contain hypo-allergenic, natural plant-based ingredients.


Ultimate Comfort: Setting new standards of design, spa innovation and luxury, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok transcends the expected with an opulent spa reception lobby and eight treatment rooms that offer utter tranquility and indulgence. There are 2 double suites which feature two treatment beds and two Thai Massage mattresses while the 6 single rooms comprise one treatment bed each.



Providing a personal spa experience, the double suites afford couples, friends or families an opportunity to retreat in privacy.


Guests at PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok are treated to the finest, state-of-the-art facilities encompassing female and male only lockers, crystal-steam rooms, laconium dry-heat rooms and whirlpools. Also located within the sanctuary of the spa are “experience showers” that combine relaxing acoustics and rejuvenating aromas.


Ultimate Peace of Mind: Infusing sleek glamor to its modern interior, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok features natural wood and marble with an individually hand-sculpted lotus flower taking center stage in the treatment rooms. Celebrating intricate craftsmanship and symbolizing purity, the lotus flower further adds a touch of serenity in each room. Decked in hues of cream and brown, each part of the spa evokes a feeling of timelessness and elegance while soothing the senses.


Ultimate Personalization: With continuous commitment to providing value-added offerings, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok introduces personalized and tailored sensory experiences to suit guests’ preferences and needs. Each unique space in the Spa provides a context for personalized treatments – which may be customized and administered according to type of massages, specific body areas and massage oils. 


Location & Accessibility

Conceived as a sophisticated private residence and an oasis of calm amid the bustling capital, Park Hyatt Bangkok is housed within the 27 floors of the iconic Central Embassy retail complex, easily accessible by taxi or train in the prestigious Ploenchit area.


PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA at Park Hyatt Bangkok undeniably poses as an urban escape in the city, offering ultimate relaxation and indulgence to the soothe the mind, body and spirit.


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