Open the stage to listen to public opinion, draft of the city plan (4th time improvement) aimed at developing Bangkok to "Create a happy city”

business June 06, 2019

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Mr. Taweesak Lertprapan, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Opened a meeting to hear the opinions of the people on the Bangkok city plan (4th time improvement) to present the essence of the Bangkok city plan to the public and listening to comments from people in all sectors in order to improve the Bangkok city plan which is a procedure under Section 19 of the City Planning Act, 1975. To develop Bangkok to "Creating a Happy City" sustainable. At the west sports Building 2, Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan), Din Daeng District.

For activities within the event, there are exhibitions about laying and organizing the city plan including Bangkok (4th time improvement). To present information to attendees to participate in the drafting of the Bangkok Comprehensive Plan in addition, there is a forum to present the Bangkok city plan (4th time improvement) both the map and specification and city planning measures. Then, the participants were given the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions. Which received a lot of attention from the participants.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok said meeting to hear the public's comments on the Bangkok city plan it is open to the public to participate in the improvement of the overall plan. The focus is to use the space to be the most suitable and useful. In the past Bangkok has continuously improved the city plan currently holding

for the 4th time. By creating a comprehensive city plan consisting of 4 plans is :

  1. Land use plan for land use in accordance with the future development of the city in accordance with the expansion of the population, economy, society, infrastructure. To be suitable for the development of mass transit systems To promote the environment and enhance the quality of life for everyone.
  2. Schematic showing the open space for the benefit of preserving the environment and recreation.
  3. Map showing transportation and transportation projects show future transportation network In accordance with the development and expansion of the city.
  4. Schematic showing utility projects in order to promote and develop the utility system to be adequate for service. In the Bangkok city plan presented today get more ideas "Development of the area around the mass transit station or TOD" To promote the use of mixed land and high density in the area around the mass transit station. And also increasing the total area of the building per area or FAR Bonus from 5 forms to 8 forms and increase the rights transfer measure (TDR). Which is a measure of fairness for the owners of conservation buildings and rural and agricultural conservation areas and measures for large-scale development projects (PUD) Considered as a measure to promote land development for large projects to be more flexible.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will use the comments received from today's meeting to adjust the draft of the Bangkok city plan. To present to the Bangkok City Planning Council, Town Planning Board, To consider and approve before entering the 90 day announcement process. Which will be another step for people to participate in the comments. Subsequently, the government gazette will enter into the procedures relating to the enforcement of ministerial regulations to continue using the new Bangkok city plan. Which is expected that Bangkok will have a new city plan to enforce the current version around the end of 2020.

For interested people, can follow the progress of laying and preparing a new Bangkok city plan at Website: or call:  0 2354 1274 - 75 mobile: 09 7289 0402 and 09 7289 0403