Thailand Rice Convention 2019 Drives Thai Rice Towards the New Global Lifestyle

business May 24, 2019

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Amidst the rapid currents of changes in global marketplace and changing consumer behavior towards greater product diversity and healthier lifestyle, those in the rice industry need to rethink. Disrupt the traditional way, develop new approaches and drive the industry with innovation in order to answer the demands in today global lifestyle. And this is among the subjects to be discussed at the forthcoming Thailand Rice Convention 2019.

A biennial international forum, Thailand Rice Convention 2019 was initiated in 2001 by the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, as a forum for global rice trade stakeholders along the rice value chain to share their views, experiences and visions on global rice market. It has finally become a great platform on which Thailand reinforces its leadership position in global rice trade and collaborate in charting the development direction as well as driving the global rice industry towards sustainability.

"The integration of value chain of the rice industry with advanced technologies, together with high regards for quality, safety and nutritional benefits, will continue to drive “rice” endlessly into a new global lifestyle."

"Thailand Rice Convention offers great opportunities for us to promote the good image of both Thailand and Thai rice while strengthening relationships with our trade partners representing the public and private sectors of the many countries across the world. TRC 2019’s theme “Rice Style: The New Global Lifestyle” highlights our attention paid to the quality of Thai rice as well as application of innovation to Thailand’s modern rice industry so that rice becomes more connected to global lifestyles. It also aims at encouraging our farmers and entrepreneurs to be aware of, and respond to, the changing global lifestyle, be it in the area of health, beauty, urbanization or aging society. The event, meanwhile, serves to promote a vast variety of rice, especially those with unique characteristics -- fragrance, nutritional values, and medicinal properties, as well as the rice-based innovative products."

Mr. Adul Chotinisakorn

Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade.

Thailand Rice Convention 2019 is set to take place from 27-29 May at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. In parallel, TRC 2019 will share in the joy of the Thai nation with a special tribute exhibition “The Kings and Thai Rice” at TRC 2019 Rice Style Event being held from 29 - 31 May 2019 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Open free to the general public daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., it offers insights into the development of Thai rice through Rattanakosin Era, as well as the Rice Market featuring selections of rice and rice-based innovative products.

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