Haemostatic sponge from rice starch

business May 21, 2019

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A Thai rice innovation for natural medical supplies.

From rice fields to operating room, a Thai hemostatic material made from pure rice starch is providing a safe alternative for health facilities.


Made from pure rice starch, the haemostatic material is developed in the form of sponge. It is gentle to the skin and do not irritate surrounding tissue. They are therefore suitable for stopping post-operative internal bleeding and in particular, haemorrhaging in major organs including the brain tissue or ventricles, liver, kidneys, lungs, and intestine. The rice sponge are biodegradable and will be harmlessly absorbed by the body within three weeks.

- Three times cheaper than imported gelatin slabs

- Of comparable quality to other haemostatic materials

- Stop bleeding quickly

- Biodegradable in the body without any danger to patients


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Sponsored by Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand.