Incheon Airport Holds Special Workshop to Encourage Transfer Passengers from Thailand

business May 14, 2019

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Recognized as a world leader in airport service quality for twelve consecutive years, Incheon International Airport (IIA), together with Korean Air and Delta Air Lines, will hold a special information workshop on May 14th, for local travel businesses in Bangkok, Thailand. This event reflects IIA’s close cooperation with the two airlines and aims to increase the understanding of potential Thai clients’ passenger transit options at Incheon International Airport while promoting IIA’s extensive networks reaching the Americas.      

As the main hub of South Korea’s flag carrier Korean Air, IIA is a leading gateway airport connecting Asia and the Americas. Since launching their joint venture in May 2018, Korean Air and Delta have been operating faster, more convenient air routes to 80 destinations in Asia and 290 destinations in North and South America on the strength of their extensive networks centered on IIA.    

Since opening Terminal 2 with cutting-edge facilities in January 2018, IIA has been providing transfer passengers with more convenient service and opportunities for a truly special experience. As the twelve Skyteam airlines including Korean Air and Delta are using the new terminal, the efficient moving walkways allow passengers to complete their transits within 45 minutes. Passengers’ luggage is automatically checked through to their final destination, requiring no further attention during transit.  

For all transfer passengers using Incheon International Airport, a 24-hour free shower room service is available that provides shower kits including towels, shampoo and dryers. They can also take a rest in the Free Nap Zone located in the transfer lounge area during their transit time. In addition, passengers are encouraged to participate in programs to experience Korea’s traditional culture such as making handicrafts. They may also visit the world’s best duty-free shops or an indoor airport garden before heading for their connecting flights.

Free Korea Transit Tours operating outside the airport and offering eight different travel courses provide transfer passengers with a unique opportunity to visit tourist attractions in Seoul and Incheon including traditional Korean palaces and temples. 

Hyeongil Kim, Director of Airline Marketing at Incheon Airport, says, “Incheon International Airport has been providing transfer passengers with the highest quality service in cooperation with Korean Air and Delta Air Lines. We are hoping that more travelers from Thailand will come and enjoy a unique experience while making transfers at Incheon Airport.”