First InfocommAsia in Bangkok May 15-17

business May 11, 2019

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InfocommAsia, a unit of Avixa, will hold its first major trade show and conference on the latest professional audio and video (AV) technology in Asean at Bangkok’s Bitec during May 15-17.

Richard Tan, executive director of InfocommAsia, said Thailand is chosen as the venue for the event largely because of its attractiveness in the eyes of international exhibitors and business visitors.

According to Tan, both Thailand and Singapore were considered as the potential venue with the latter seen as the region’s leader in terms of AV technology but those surveyed by the organiser prefer Bangkok as the venue.

Tan said the professional AV technology is essentially aimed at helping businesses communicate with their customers in a more experiential way.

“For example, the retail industry wants to communicate with their potential customers or shoppers in a way that excites them, not just having a piece of paper with printed text and expecting them to read. That’s very boring.”

“They should instead use the digital signage technology to communicate in a way that creates emotions and get shoppers excited and want to buy the products.”

“Another example is the media industry using video walls to better communicate with their audience in a way that’s not just verbal but visual in nature that excites them. In fact the AV technology can help virtually every industry to better communicate with their customers in a way that’s more experiential.”

 According to Tan, Infocomm events have been held in the US, Europe, South America as well as Asia. China was the venue for two Infocomms while India hosted the last Infocomm. 

The May 15-17 Infocomm in Bangkok is the first in Southeast Asia.

Kanokwan Sukchaisri, director of Expo Inter Co, InfocommAsia’s sales representative in Indochina, said education, national defence, public safety, traffic management, healthcare and hospitals, retail, and tourism sectors are among those which will benefit from the latest professional AV technology.

“For example, the tourism sector can use the technology to present the Thai history in a more interesting and experiential way to foreign visitors or traffic control management authorities can use the technology to better display complicated data, ” she said.

About 7,000 professionals, technology managers and businessmen from Southeast Asian and other countries are expected to attend Infocomm in Bangkok which is however not open to the general public.

Thailand is among the biggest markets for professional AV technology and products in the region, currently registering one of the highest growth rates.

InfocommAsia in Bangkok also includes a comprehensive range of 75 technical seminars on the latest AV technology over a three-day period for those who have pre-registered at

According to Tan, many Asean countries have announced or been implementing plans to expand their infrastructures across the region so it is a good opportunity for policy makers and private sector executives to learn the cutting-edge AV tech and products to help  them maximize the benefits of these projects, especially in terms of integrating AV and other digital technologies into the national development programmer.