The Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre thanked Nok Air

business April 22, 2019

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Nok air airlines led by khun Charaspan Srisawadi senior vice president, Corporate Communications and Ancillary Revenue Department (middle) along with Khun Panita Asawamahasakda, acting director of social assistance department (1st from the right) received the award for supporting the activities of the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre in day of "The Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre" at the Padtayapatana building, faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University on Saturday March 30 2019. Passed by Khun Saowanit Kongsiri, assistant secretary-general of the Thai Red Cross Society (1st from the left).

Under the "Nok Sharing" project, which is a CSR project to focus on making public benefits, providing support, helping or even helping lives for those who lack of opportunities to enhance quality of life, Nok Air has supported the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre for more than 10 years, by supporting tickets 400-600 per year for the medical team and staffs to operate in areas. Nok Air is pleased to be a part of contributing to society, since the project started there were 2,093 people have received organ donation, so they can live better, happy and smiling.