“LH FUND – LH BANK” step for a synergy with INVESCO To Enhance the Investment Opportunity in Global Markets and Comprehensively Respond to Clients’ Needs

business April 18, 2019

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LH FUND together with LH BANK sign a Memorandum of Understanding with INVESCO Asset Management, a global fund manager, to enhance the investment opportunity in global markets and strengthen the capability in investment technology and investment recommendations. Under the cooperation, the multi-asset management expertise, can be promoted as a vehicle to serve clients’ needs and optimize clients’ benefits.  

Land and Houses Fund Management Co., Ltd. (LH Fund) together with Land and Houses Bank Pcl. or LHBANK sign a Memorandum of Understanding with INVESCO Asset Management in a move to “boundlessly enhance the potential and investment opportunity in global markets”. This move is aimed to up-grade the financial service capability with the investment management expertise of a global fund manager.

Mr.Monrat Phadungsit, Managing Director of Land and Houses Fund Management Co., Ltd. said that the well-managed asset allocation plan will help unit-holders to optimize their benefits especially during the economic fluctuation, or when the stock market is drastically hit by concerning issues. Recently, the market has been volatile following the concerns over the economic slowdown, trade war, and the monetary policies of US Federal Reserve and other Central Banks around the world. Well-managed asset allocation fund is agile to adjust to the changing environment, capable to analyses on the volatility, and dynamic in investment in different asset classed, which would a yield better risk adjusted return. Therefore, this MOU will bring the joint benefit on the financial product development to the three parties. This will benefit especially for Portfolio Solution or Asset Allocation recommendation for High Net Worth customers.  

INVESCO has an asset under management worth of US 945.8 million and operates in 25 Countries and was established over 50 years. Under this collaboration, INVESCO will have its representatives joining LHFUND’s fund managers and representative in the asset allocation committee LHBANK’s product management. To boundlessly respond to investors’ needs, the cutting-edge investment technology will be transferred into LHFUND’s investment products. Then, the products will be presented to investors through the investment recommendation from LHBANK. The collaboration with INVESCO allows us to rest assure that we have representatives in overseas markets who will keep us up to date in investment in major markets. With multi-asset management expertise, INVESCO has become the Strategic Partner that will help offering the benefits to customers of LHFUND and LHBANK,” Monrat concluded.