5 advantages of relocating your company in another country

business March 25, 2019

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Investors can decide on relocating a business from varied reasons. Some consider it is time to cut the costs involving the taxes, while others think that a country strategically located might be the proper option for a company to thrive. Here are five advantages to consider when wanting to relocate the company in another country, with the mention that, no matter the selected country for business you might want to direct your attention to, some local specialists in company formation may help you with the incorporation process.


1. Low taxes for your business


It is a well-known fact that businessmen are very much interested in the tax regime of a country and especially for the type of company they want to relocate. There are different countries that provide a series of tax incentives for foreign investors, if certain conditions are met. For example, relocating the company with the entire equipment might be exempt from taxation. Also, if you decide to hire local staff, you might benefit from a series of tax exemptions.


2.  The strategic location for your business


Investors with small, medium or large companies with establishments in countries with no sea exits might think of extending their operations from such states. This can be a strong reason to bear in might when deciding on company relocation. A country with seaports provides important business connections that can change the company’s direction from a profit point of view.

If you consider that business relocation is not a solution for you, maybe you are interested in establishing a branch or a subsidiary, depending on the business needs you have.

3. A country where you can set up an offshore company


Offshore companies are exempt from taxation in specific offshore jurisdictions and under certain rules and conditions. It is important to know that in the case of offshore companies, the owners benefit from complete privacy. Whether you want to relocate a company in an offshore destination, such as Seychelles, or you want to start a new business, it is recommended to talk to a legal advisor and find out more about the related aspects when relocating the business in another country.


4. Relocating a company for a better access to future clients


The business opportunities might arise in a totally different country, meaning that your operations might be in the best interests of a specific niche. This is how a foreign investor can expand from a financial point of view, by relocating the company in a country that presents a large interest in the activities he/she wants to implement.


5. Reduced business expenses


A company relocation can be decided at the time an investor wants to cut the costs in the firm, including the taxes. The expenses for hiring staff, plus office-related costs can be reduced in some countries, depending on the business climate provided.

A company relocation is not subject to harsh formalities, however, you might want to direct your attention to certain business areas like car rentals or sales, tourism, agriculture and many more.