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business March 21, 2019

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Mrs. Jindarat Chayotin Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok And Bangkok spokesman Revealing the progress of application development "Bangkok Connect" Currently in version 3.0, which has many improvements and new additions such as adjusting the display of news into categories to be easier to follow, such as the menu attached to Bangkok In this period will separate the matter “Election 2562” and “Royal coronation” additiona linformation link sharing Live on Facebook  update new news Per area In the more "news telling area" event Calendar Do not miss. There are start and end dates There is a warning notification of the fire disaster from Rama 199 Radio Center, Bureau of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation  and coordinating with the drainage office in order to prepare the report of the situation of the water and the flooding point in the rainy season. In addition, people still do not miss news about preventive care in the "Health" menu which is newly added. Along with links to the website of the Bangkok Suffering Notification Center 1555 which continue developing Is a system link allowing the informer to be able to acknowledge the progress of the story via the application Can be obtained in version 4.0 and is currently importing contact information (Bangkok Phone Book) into the system as well.

Bangkok spokesman said that the application "Bangkok Connect" continue to develop continuously by following the concept “One click knows the story” in order to meet the need for accurate and reliable news because it is a message that comes directly from the subject matter agency both from the Bureau of the District Office as well as the government-private agencies that provide services in the Bangkok area. Which now all departments of Bangkok will help to invite government officials and personnel under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration including the people who contact the government and local people to download the application "Bangkok Connect" by scanning the QR code at various service points of Bangkok or type "bkk connect" in the Appstore or Play store or click the link  To download for free.