Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand boosts investment efficiency in Eastern Economic Corridor

business November 27, 2018

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Thai government is pushing forward the policy of “Thailand Industry 4.0” with an aim to promote overall economy and boost the efficiency of domestic industrial sectors. One of the roles of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) in this endeavor is to develop the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and ensure its competitiveness in the regional level.


EEC is a high potential area for industrial estates thanks to its convenient location near comprehensive transportation and logistics routes. IEAT has been promoting the 5 main industries (the First S-Curve) within EEC including Next Generation Automotive; Smart Electronics; Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism; Agriculture and Biotechnology, and Food for the Future Industry.EEC will also be a starting ground for New S-Curve industries which include Robotics; Aviation and Logistics; Biofuels and Biochemicals; Digital Industry and Medical Hub Industry. Furthermore, IEAT is planning to expand the petrochemical industry in Map Ta Phut area using eco-friendly technology, as well as setting up various infrastructures and tax-free zones at seaports and airports to facilitate both investors and local communities within the EEC.


To make the fullest use of these distinct advantages of EEC, IEAT has established the “Smart Park Industrial Estate” to cater especially to the digital industries and the lifestyle of modern society. Apart from having modern design and effective urban planning, Smart Park IE is also fully equipped with state-of-the-art security system, high-speed internet facilities and the largest data center for investors under the concept of Industrial Estate 4.0.


Another exciting project of IEAT is the development of Map Ta PhutIndustrial Seaport in the 3rd phase, which is one of the five mega projects in Eastern Economic Corridor that aims to support the expansion of petrochemical industry. Spanning over the area of 1,100 rai, this project is expected to improve both economic and social dimensions of the surrounding communities and the overall image of Thailand.


Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand is committed to developing the EEC even further to maximize its true potential and to strengthen the confidence of domestic and overseas entrepreneurs to invest in Thailand, both at present and in the future.