AIS invites Thais to experience 5G First Live in Thailand on 22 November

business November 19, 2018

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After securing an additional 10MHz of spectrum on the 1800MHz band in August 2018, AIS has become the digital network service operator with the most bandwidth with a total 120MHz (60MHz x 2) of spectrum. In addition, AIS has been using Super Block (20MHz x 2) of the 1800MHz band for the development of its network quality nationwide to offer 4G services at speeds more than 30% higher to more than 40.6 million subscribers since the end of September 2018.

“In order to match behavior of Thais and meet the more than 70% growth in customer data provision compared to the same period last year or about 10 Gigabytes per person per month, we've partnered with TOT to share a TOT's network for the commercial use of 2100MHz spectrum. This offers customers to experience quality of data usage with higher speed by 20-30% and increased the company's network capacity for customer data provision by 25%. When compared with other operators, AIS is the leader of mobile network operators in the country that provides the biggest bandwidth for 4G service with a 100MHz of spectrum from the total 120MHz under the licenses of AIS. The company will start 4G service on 2100MHz in high-density use areas", says Mr. Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations & Support Department,AIS.

He adds that in addition to network development, AIS is studying to prepare for future technologies especially 5G. Though there is unclear business case, but we do believe that 5G will help enhance capability of various industries driving the country's growth effectively from 3 core components:

- Upgrading the network performance with higher data speeds based on Enhanced Mobile Broadband or eMBB, the first commercial application of 5G which requires high data rates across a wide coverage area.

- Expanding the capacity of wireless connectivity between devices so-called  Massive machine-type communications or mMTC, aimed to support internet of things (IoT).

- Improving network quality for fast responsiveness and ultra-reliable and low latency communications, suitable for medical safety and self-driving cars.

“AIS has been constantly developing the network fundamentals in all three cores. In terms of speed enhancement, the company has launched the world’s first 4.5G network with a maximum speed of 1 Gbps and Massive MIMO 32T 32R. Moreover, AIS has partnered with chip and smartphone manufacturers to launch NEXT G, allowing customers to experience the first high-speed network at 1 Gbpsfirst time in ASEAN. For IoT solutions, besides the development of NB IoT and eMTC networks, For latency, AIS has begun studying and upgrading AIS Core Network Architecture in every region to be ready for 5G, capable of direct communication with multiple service servers instantly without rerouting to  the central network. This will result in faster response rate due to low latency, helping a number of industries gain much higher competency.

Mr. Wasit further revealed that since the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has allowed operators to use spectrum for 5G technology testing, AIS is now able to offer Thais and residents the chance to experience the high speeds and strong signals that go along with 5G service starting 22 November 2018 at AIS.D.C, 5th floor, The Emporium. “The trial will enable people to get a clearer picture of the 5G benefits and we’ll take it from there.”