Need to go to restroom during traffic jam?Adult pant can help

business October 12, 2018

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For city dwellers living in Bangkok and big cities in major provinces, there are always concern about heavy traffic jam.  For Bangkok especially, the current BTS construction on major roads only make the problem worse.

Spending time in cars for a long period of time is not only detrimental to your physical well-beings, but can damage your mental health as well, causing stress, anxiety, moodiness, and even make you gain weight.  Due to inadequate number of roads to accommodate the amount of cars, this problem is unlikely to go away and will get worse, especially during peak rush hours.  What we can do is to adapt ourselves and find way to help lessen the impact.

We have all find ourselves in need to go to the restroom during traffic jam.  Trying to find a restroom along the way can be a cause of concern and can waste valuable time or the restroom can take a long time to reach.   The need to hold your excretion can be detrimental to your health, especially for women, and can lead to cystitis (bladder infection) and consequently lower abdominal pain and painful urination.  These conditions eventually disrupt daily lives and will need long-term treatment if the problem become severe.

For people who constantly face traffic jam, wearing adult pant when travelling will bring assurance and peace of mind.  It will help prevent the problem of holding on to your excretion, which can lead to urination difficulty.  Moreover, it will eliminate the worry of finding restroom and the need to waste time in getting to your destination. Once you try it, you will see how beneficial it can be?

Secure – Japanese premium-quality adult diaper pant, is the option chosen by Japanese and Thai office women.  Just like underwear, its softness makes user feel very comfortable while wearing it.  The shape of thepant is especially designed for Asian body with total leakage prevention.  The pants inside contains SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) providing high absorption and reduce odor.  Let Secure adult pants be your solution to prevent unwanted bladder infection like Japanese women.  It comes in M-L, L-XL, and XXL sizes. 


For more information, please call (+66)2-738-7109 Monday – Friday at 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM and Saturday at 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM. Product is available at The Mall, Villa Market, Foodland Supermarket etc. and leading drugstores/retail store nationwide or you can make online purchase at, or visit our website :