Getting to know “Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)” A place to start before investing in Thailand

business October 08, 2018

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Thailand has a distinct competitive advantage due to its strategic location as a logistic hub of ASEAN region that has been attracting foreign investors for decades. Still it’s possible to further improve our strengths to maximize Thailand’s true potential and secure future investments from overseas.

To facilitate this endeavor, IEAT has established the “One Stop Service” or OSS centers to provide both “prior” and “after” solutions for investors that cover every necessary step to start a business in Thailand. These solutions include location recommendation, contract preparation, land buying or renting process, factory and business registration, construction permit application, and various registration services that are necessary to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

IEAT also provides a variety of tax related and non-tax related privileges to investors, for example, land ownership rights in industrial estates, visa and work permit for foreign specialists and personnel, rights to be exempted from import/export duty, VAT and excise tax for machines, equipments and tools, as well as raw materials and by-products. Business owners can rest assured that they will be entitled to fullest supports and benefits under IEAT’s care.  

At present IEAT is operating in 55 industrial estates across 16 provinces throughout Thailand. Among these locations, 42 of them are industrial estates where we work with private developers, 13 are directly operated by us, plus one as an industrial port. 

IEAT’s ultimate goal is to make sure that industrial estates coexist with the community and environment harmoniously. We are committed to building an “eco-industrial city” that promotes sustainable and balanced development of economy, people’s way of life, community and environment. Sustainable progress is not all about money and profits, but rather about giving the opportunity for all related parties to grow and prosper together.