Reed’s vision to highlight RobotX in four events to bring Industrial 4.0 to ASEAN

business May 14, 2018

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Reed Tradex pushes to expand Thailand 4.0 to cover the ASEAN market by introducing 4 new events that reflect rising demand for robotic technology and fully automated systems under the new show RobotX, coming in 4 series: RobotX ME in June, followed by RobotX Metalex, RobotX Hanoi and RobotX HCMC for the remainder of the year.  This new show will become an immediate hit in the ASEAN market.

Worldwide trend for manufacturing shows that it is rapidly moving into the digital 4.0 era with demand doubling for robots and automated systems that is also true of the ASEAN region.  Thailand has already shown continuous growth in import of robots, a trend synchronizing with worldwide rapid increase.

Growth in robotics and automation was propelled by the need to improve competitive capability in the industrial sector by improving efficiency and production stability, cost control and most importantly to prepare for labor shortages in the near future when the number of working age population declines.  Thailand has become an aged society and today had to depend on labor from neighboring countries in large numbers.  This situation emphasized the need to switch to robots and automatic systems in manufacturing.  This trend is reflected worldwide, not just in Thailand and has resulted in continuous growth of automated systems and robotics.

Mrs. Debbie Evans, President of Reed Exhibitions South East Asia/ Australia pointed out that “The trend for exhibitions of robotic technology and industrial automatic systems is moving towards more specific sector growth be it for exhibitions featuring artificial intelligence (AI),  or robotic systems, or servicing of robots. These exhibitions have been received favorably by exhibitors and visitors.  In 2020, the number of robots manufactured is expected to grow to 61.4 million units from only 8.8 million units in 2015.  Demand for industrial robots is high in 5 industries – automotive, electrical and electronics, metal working, rubber and plastics and food processing industries.  The report of International Federation of Robotics (IFR) reflects the same trend, estimating that in 2019, at least 1.4 million new manufacturers will have adopted robots or automated systems, and 65 percent of these are in Europe. The growth will be especially evident in small and medium size manufacturers worldwide.”

“ASEAN region, especially Thailand is the manufacturing base where there is continuous growth in demand for AI with the environment conducive to using robots at higher levels of manufacturing where there is demand for skilled labor and whose manufacturing capability lies at the center of the region.  Reed Exhibitions chose Thailand to debut the RobotX series in the June Manufacturing Expo as this event is the most comprehensive for Thai manufacturers; they will have the opportunity to see and choose the latest technology in line with production technologies used by manufacturing bases elsewhere in the world.  Our exhibitors who are our customers globally will have the opportunity to expand to the ASEAN market through Thailand and Vietnam whether they want to manage their own expansion or via agents.”

Mr. Isara Burintramart, Managing Director Reed Tradex Company revealed that demand for robots exist in every industry in the region including Thailand and Vietnam. The Thai government through Thailand 4.0 policy, which is promoted with the policy of import duty waiver for large and medium size investors

through the Office of the Board of Investment; and low interest loans for small investors offered through the Office of Industrial Economics together with SME bank; had made investments in AI and automated

systems more interesting as seen in high growths both for imported robots and systems and for made in Thailand ones. 

Reed Tradex, as the leading trade exhibition organizer, brings new technology to meet the demand of manufacturing industries.  Each year we have an existing visitors’ base of around 250,000 persons.  Thus, for us to introduce a series of 4 AI exhibitions co-located with our regular exhibition becomes a strategy that inspire confidence in our exhibitors that we will have visitors who represents the required customer base, and that they already have a need for robots and automated systems.  These 4 exhibitions bring over 30 of the world’s leading brands from 10 countries i.e. the United States, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and including Thai brands to the shows, forming the largest collection in the ASEAN region and they will serve as the technology base to satisfy all levels of manufacturers from large to SMEs.

The four RobotX Series exhibitions are as follows:

To encourage manufacturers to have technology development plan for using automation and robotics in their manufacturing lines, Reed Tradex has foreseen the need to offer details for planning in the form of educational seminar that introduces how to prepare and plan ahead for change.  Here the attendees will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with manufacturers who have already been through the change and with others who are waiting to implement the change. There is a workshop for manufacturers to gain practical experience for deeper understanding which will lead to quicker decision making and the correct solutions.

In addition the exhibition serves as platform to form business partners and linkages among manufacturers in ASEAN who are also taking the same route to Industrial 4.0 and will be able to benefit from the strengths or weakness of each in expanding the business so that both sides will have mutual benefit.

Reed Tradex believe that the new exhibition ‘Robotic Expo’ will place Thailand at the center of the most comprehensive exhibition for automated systems and robotics in ASEAN and expects that over the next 3 years, trade in robotic and automation technology will be worth no less than 10,000 million baht through our exhibitions.