“Monsoon Valley” is the first Thai wine to win “Brand of the Year” With global recognition in the international wine industry

business November 30, 2017

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Monsoon Valley Wines, Thailand’s exceptional wine of quality and unique characters by Siam Winery, was recently awarded “Brand of the Year” at World Branding Awards 2017-2018 hosted by World Branding Forum (WBF) with award ceremony atThe Orangery at Kensington Palace in London on October 11.

PongkamolChangchenkit, Marketing Manager of World of Wines enthused that Monsoon Valley is the only wine brand from Thailand that was nominated for this world-renowned prestigious award. This goes to show that Thai wines embody the quality and unique characters as well as strong branding, resulting in more than 200 accolade received from international wine competitions.

“We are very proud that Monsoon Valley, a wine producer from Thailand, has become globally recognized and becomes the first and so far the only Thai wine brand that won this prestigious award. The past years, the company has strived to achieve and maintain both the quality and tastes of the wine, and continually developed several marketing strategies to foster the brand. Brand of the Year is a prestigious seal of quality for Monsoon Valley that confirms the pride of Thai wine, its quality and high standard accepted, and recognized in the global wine community.” Pongkamol said.

Monsoon Valley Wines, Thailand’s leading wine brand, was established in 2001 and started producing wines from grapes harvested at Monsoon Valley Vineyard in Hua Hin whose climate and terrain is suitable for growing various grape varietals from around the world. This advantage gives Monsoon Valley wide range of grape selections to produce wines under close supervision of the experienced Siam Winery’s winemakers. With exceptional quality and unique characters, Monsoon Valley brand has been awarded National Award for Thailand, an award which was bestowed upon a country’s most renowned and respected brand that is recognized for unique and excellent characters.

Brands that were awarded National Award in the past include Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Hermès, Nike, Hilton Hotels, BBC, British Airways, University of Oxford, Ferrari, Shell, Michelin, Acer and Speedo.