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Shortcuts to Success in the Business World with Digital Technology

SHORT FILM : SHORTCUTSto pull university students’ idea Convey the concept “Shortcuts to Success in the Business World with Digital Technology” Present total prizes of more than 500,000 baht and broadcast their works through CAT Channel Create a learning society of Thailand’s technology

CAT Channel organizes the short film contest namely “SHORT FILM : SHORTCUTS” to push the potential of new generations. All university students from the campus across Thailand are cordially invited to participate in submitting the production for competition under the concept “Shortcuts to Success in the Business World with Digital Technology”. Total prizes of more than 500,000 baht to be granted and selected 20 short films to be broadcasted through CAT Channel. The contest aimed to create knowledge and understandings of digital innovations as well as to create a learning society of Thailand’s technology. The contest, furthermore, in hope of building on audiences’ idea to bring digital technology to deploy with the business for creating maximum benefits.

Dr. DhanantSubhadrabandhu, Executive Vice President in Marketing and Sales of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, said that CAT Channel, which is a variety channel on the IT platform of satellite TV, has a primary mission of presenting the content of programs aimed at enhancing knowledge and strengthening understanding of creativity development relating to IT and innovation as well as supporting the production of various contents with quality and benefits for society. As such, the idea to organize the short film contest named “SHORTFILM : SHORTCUTS” has been created with an aim to create creative contents through constructive views and ideas of new generation. The contents will present “the Shortcuts” to success in business world with digital technology in a short-length film of 10 – 15 minutes to broadcast through CAT Channel. The contents of film are created in order to provide digital technology literacy for the public in a format that is easily to understand and accessible. The contents, as well as, are beneficial for public in applying for business advantage.

“The short film contest “SHORTFILM : SHORTCUTS” is the first time CAT Channel organizes such event to not only for creating variety of contents but also to open a space for university students to show their skills, to show their potential in production with standard, to prepare for working in the future as well as to provide good opportunity for new generations to acquire knowledge and understandings about digital technology related matters. The submission of storyline from university students across Thailand starts from now – 25th August 2017.The committee consists of Executives from CAT Channel also experts with experience in the film industry including KhunPairachKhumwan, director of a filmcalled “Siam Square” andKhunSanchaiChotirosseranee, Deputy Director of Film Archive (Public organization). The committee will jointly select 20 Plot, Synopsis , Treatment  where each team will have the opportunity to participate in a training to get to know more about CAT Telecom Public Company and various services of CAT Channel as well as to gain knowledge from renowned film director about process and presentation technique of short film for being a guidance for their own production in the future. In addition, each finalist team will receive supporting budget amount of 20,000 baht from CAT Channel to produce a short film. Then there will be the selection of works that can convey the creative ideas using digital innovation for being a shortcut toward success of business with the explicit, easy to understand, and  interesting content as well as be accessible to a diverse audience. The selected works will have opportunity to receive total prizes of 180,000 baht. To elaborate, the first prize will receive 100,000 baht, the second prize will receive 50,000 baht, and the third prize will receive 30,000 baht scholarship with certificates. In total, prizes awarded throughout the project is over 500,000 baht. Notwithstanding, the 20 selected short films screened by the committee will be aired on CAT Channel to further broadcast to the audience.”

Dr. Dhanant added that “Recently, digital technology plays a role at all levels since individual, organization and nation. For organizational level, when the state of competition is severe and continuous, to have a tool to create the advantages in the field of trade and investment surely benefits the business. CAT, as a service provider of telecommunication network of the country, recognizes the importance of digital technology, which is considerate as one of tools to create success shortcuts for business. As a result, we are commitment to the development and empowerment of the most complete data communication network. Also, we are in earnest of create innovative digital technology to meet the needs of nowadays business environment as well as cater to the demands in the future. Meanwhile, CAT Channel will continue to be an important channel for disseminating information and providing comprehensive knowledge about digital technology in the form of various contents to encourage the technology learning society of the country. ”

For university students who are interested in submitting a short film for the contest “Short Film : Shortcuts”, those must be enrolled in the bachelor’s degreeor equivalent, not limit to class and faculty, under the same institution. Application requires for each team of 2-5 person. Send your application and Plot, Synopsis , Treatmentlength not exceeding 2 A4 pages and related evidence for applying from now until 25th August 2017.  The application form, guidelines, rules, and conditions of the contest are available at the application form and additional inquiries at

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