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Tweeple share their problems on Suvarnabhumi Airport

Tweeple share their problems on Suvarnabhumi Airport with Nation Group Editor-in-chief Suthichai Yoon (@suthichai)

@tadjang: Airport taxi driver kept grumbling all the way, saying he had to wait in such a long queue but got a Thai passenger so he asked for a 100-baht tip.@JaySaran: should provide first aid unit and not to send sick travellers only to Samitivej. Only pain killers cost a thousand baht.@TanPraweenamai: I have just had experience of 4X 100m relay race. I had 5 minutes to board my plane at the furtherest gate because I had to wait at immigration for hours.@Nethchanok_R: A small bottle of mineral water Minere is 55 baht. Isn't it too expensive? Restaurants only charge 15-30 baht.@Tivaporn: I see with my own very eyes. Not only not enough immigration officials but they are slow (many are seniors). One official probably probably just finished eating, toothpick still in his mouth.@luknutt: My latest flight to Korea. Immigration Official looked at my passport and asked "Fly frequently to Korea to do surgery?"@Pataraporn_TV: Many times that I queue up at immigration in the Thai passport section and I have to wait longer than foreign passport section. Other countries they provide faster service for their own nationals.@bigoongmama: Luggage got destroyed every time, though fragile tags are attached.@loftster: My business partner visited last year it's unbelievable that there's no Halal restaurant in inter airport.@Peter_de_Chef: Expensive food, not enough toilets, long immigration queue, bad mannered officials, mafias at parking lot, crooked taxi driver, no free wi-fi, too long walk.@hArOnister: A taxi driver demanded 500 baht to drop at Rajathevi without a meter on. If a meter were used, I would have paid not more than 200 baht.@Jinchaya: Tourist increases from 80,000/day to 120,000/day but facilities and staff remain the same.@vijitra_m: A number of people miss their flights because of immigration.@NaraMaew: Immigration officials at scanning machine should show better manners towards passengers. Do not be misled that making a face and yelling at the public makes you look professional.@Witwit: Bt50 for a bottle of water goes against price control at Bt7 per bottle, a long wait at immigration, free wifi should be provided.@Malinee_koong: Immigration officials use mobile phones while on duty, thus they do not concentrate, and look inappropriate.@SoraidaSalwala: I arrived in a taxi so I had to push a trolley loaded with luggage to cross a road that has speeding vehicles passing through just in front of passenger buildings.@siwaporn363: Toilets are dirty. cannot understand or is this airport too international.@Khunida: Taxi queue on second floor very long and on third floor they do not accept Thai passengers.@noicosmo: Trolley wheels do not lock while moving on escalators. You have to pull them otherwise they slide with heavy luggage.@Fasaii: There are lots of clean toilets. Never having to wait longer than 15 minutes. Officials helped my mother pushing her trolley.@toyubomm: Airport food is outragously expensive.@Rungrojvitayaku: Food court on ground floor offers inexpensive food.@ninjasv: Many rogues at luggage belts especially for business class. Whenever I board business class, my luggage is stolen.@JJ_Sathon: Go across the world, my bag's handles were totally torn away only here.@niti_phueng: Foreigners said toilets do not have diaper changing seats. Lousy. Even the mall at Bang Khae has them.@Bua_Pornurai: Car park buildings are flooded with water during heavy rain, not different situation from parking lot on the ground.@dentk9: At some spots, why do security guards blocked us from using escalators? I have to walk around, really gives me a bad mood.@Thitirat_M: I am a woman having to go abroad for a meeting. Immigration official looked at me from head to toe. He probably thought I was going for other purpose. I had a suit on, quite well covered and he still had no respect.@moomoobee: Wait for luggage very long at international arrivals, about one hour or longer. For domestic, could be two hours waiting.

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