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Film ratings launched

Moviegoers will need ID for 'X-rated' showings;

 Anyone who wants to see a film rated Category 6 under the new ratings system will need to bring an identity card, said Culture Minister Teera Salakpetch yesterday. He added that cinemas found admitting anyone under 20 would face a fine of up to Bt100,000.

Under the new system, Category 1 covers educational films that all are encouraged to see; Category 2 films are those deemed suitable for a general audience; Category 3 are suitable for viewers aged 13 years and over; Category 4 for those over 15; Category 5 for those over 18; and Category 6 for those 20 and older.

Tarantino gets a '5'

Since the new ratings' launch on August 11, four movies had been submitted to the film rating committee, said Teera. Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" was rated Category 5, "Ponyo on the Cliff" was rated 2, "Young At Heart" 1, and the "Naked Kitchen" 4.

The ratings 1 to 5 were only a guide and would be enforced mainly by social pressure, said the minister, while entry to Category 6 films would be strictly controlled, with fines of between Bt20,000 and Bt100,000 for cinemas that infringed.

The ministry was preparing a publicity campaign for TV and cinemas as well as a guide to the rating system for theatre operators and members of the public, he said. Symbols for each rating category will be decided upon at the committee's meeting on August 25.

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