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Missing your car? Check out this website...

Missing your car? Check out this website...

Instead of rushing to the police stations to lodge a complaint about your missing car, you can now submit a statement to a new website launched recently by police, who will pursue your case.

At www.mpblostcar.com, you can also search a database to find out roughly whether used cars you have bought, or are about to buy, have been stolen or reported missing, by putting in the licenceplate numbers or chasis or engine serial numbers.

The launch of the website is part of a campaign by the Metropolitan Police Bureau's (MPB) AntiAuto Theft Centre to tackle auto theft, which number around 7,000 cases each year, in addition to an internal training programme to further educate more than 700 officers about new techniques to combat vehicle theft.

Reference for motorists

Also launched is a compan¬ion website, www.rodthai.com, which serves as an additional reference for motorists and those whose cars have gone missing.

In www.mpblostcar.com there are details about car thieves and other people involved in illegal businesses related to auto theft, such as owners of garages that trans¬form stolen cars or forge false serial numbers, and dealers of used cars who knowingly buy stolen cars.

Pol LtColonel Atthaphorn Suriyalert, a senior centre official, said the MPB has its own database on all stolen cars, which would soon be made accessible to visitors of both websites.


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